PopCap: Candy Crush is not a Bejeweled Clone

GR-UK writes: "PopCap Games co-founder John Vechey posted a message stating that he doesn't consider King to be cloning PopCap's games, and saying that calling Candy Crush Saga a Bejeweled Clone "would be like calling Half-Life a Quake clone."

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aviator1891633d ago

Wow, I'm surprised popcap is the one saying this.
But whatever they say, I still consider candy crush saga a clone of bejeweled. And screw King for doing what they're doing with the names, "candy" and "saga."

Wikkid6661633d ago

Other than being both puzzle game Candy Crush is nothing like Bejeweled.

LAWSON721632d ago

Maybe I have been playing something else because other than being candy and having stages they seem to be the exact same thing. The difference is Bejeweled is pretty basic with being a high score driven game while Candy Crush is very luck driven and requires you to wait a while to complete a level with different stages and goals.

Bejeweled= classic high score game
candy Crush= luck and time unless you use microtransactions.

I applaud King because that was a very good business move.