Rocky IV composer makes his videogame score debut

"There’s a first for everything, even when it concerns Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie composer Vince DiCola, who has just released his very first videogame music score in the form of the Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack.

Although DiCola is no stranger to working on games, having arranged a track for Gran Tursimo 5 in the past, Saturday Morning RPG marks his first full foray into game music scoring. The soundtrack, released under the banner of Scarlet Moon Records, is comprised of all the tunes from Mighty Rabbit Studios’ Saturday Morning RPG, an episodic RPG available on iOS, PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA. As the name suggests, the game places a heavy emphasis 80s Saturday morning cartoons, which is clearly a good fit for DiCola’s progressive rock and synth-laden style." - Patrick Kulikowski

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Bathyj1573d ago

der der deeeeeeeeer der

1573d ago
Toon_Link1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I freaking loved all the music from rocky IV! Just thinking about it makes me want to run through the snow and do various workouts in some old barn. Maybe even have a robot butler serve me a drink idk.

Edit: after I read the article I just realized this dude also did the soundtrack to Transformers: The Movie. That's probably the best 2 soundtracks ever.

Mikeyy1573d ago

Hearts on fiiiiiire, strong desiiiiire

Rocky 4 had an awesome soundtrack