One Feature for 2014: FIFA 15

GoodGameBro writes, "With 2014 underway and software developers hard at work on the sports video games that will see release in the coming calendar year, we sat down to focus on “One Feature for 2014” which would make an improvement for each of the major franchises.

Year after year, the EA SPORTS FIFA series continually finds ways—even if only through refinements barely noticeable to those who aren’t fans of the franchise—to solidify a position atop the food chain for sports video gaming as a genre. FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One saw significant advancements in environment and physics thanks to the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine.

With two soccer games due out from EA SPORTS this year, we take a look at what we’d like to see from the club-centric title."

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WilDRangeRrfc1635d ago

Big Fifa fan but MP on PS4 is shite,no unranked matches,constantly booted out of game due to incorrect squad file,overpowered through ball and host advantage makes you lose constantly to average players,one game your team is immense the next they can't run and literally trip over themselves,worst Fifa for years one more chance next year if all the problems persist and are worse than last gen like Fifa 14 then I ain't buying this dogshit game again DISGRACE

H4all1634d ago


Memoman1634d ago

I'll say it again, because this year's version, is horribly bad:

I've played so many FIFA 14 games with my brother and the AI seems to be worse than FIFA 13, it's ridiculous. Also the rubber banding and cheating is so clumsily scripted that it is just downright infuriating. 99% percent of goals we've received come from a play when suddenly the AI team turns into Barcelona made of Hulks and score. Right on the 45 minute mark just before the break with their only shot (even chance) on goal. Laughable.

Also players are skating on ice, you end up running laps around players when trying to mark or when changing to a player that was previously moving to another direction. They also do a Scooby Doo running start thing whenever they want to run, it takes them hours to take off and get some speed, or when trying to pass or shoot, they need hours and kilometers to adjust their targeting or who knows what... it's too much really; it breaks the flow of play.

The refereeing is also worse than last year's. Every random inertia collision you make ends up in a foul and a card, while you get pummeled and even swept under without the referee batting and eyelash. And the fucking advantage play is just a "second chance" free card for the computer, it lasts forever and comes out of nowhere. So bad.

I like to play a co-op career, as I've been doing for years now, but this time it's just painful. Maybe the offline co-op career has been nerfed so much so that people only play on-line, maybe it's their business model, but this game is hilariously bad at masking it's robotic AI, so much bumping and crashing and League 2 teams playing like Barca. What a fucking joke.

PES 2014 releases a fucking uncooked beta and FIFA 14 the laziest, untested, piece of crap port they've released in years. Football games really need some fresh competition because both established franchises are stale and reek of dead.