Tomb Raider - One Year On

GR-UK writes: "Should you buy it? Yes. If you already own it, should you buy it again? No. Despite Square-Enix's marketing, Definitive Edition's not buying you anything extra gameplay-wise you haven't experienced before on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC in March last year. Sure, there's extra trimmings - multiplayer bits, an extra tomb - bundled into the release, but we're not talking Skyrim-sized content that you're missing out on here.

That said, we're happy with any excuse to replay Lara Croft's reboot."

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ipach1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

i am curious enough, and a fan enough of the work the studio did with the reboot, to throw them some dough for this next-gen release, especially as I only played the first one on PC for free as part of an AMD bundle...

and as much as the master racists will say definitive edition is just a PC port, I already did a comparison of my Ultra PC version against PS4 videos, and there's no way the PC version looks as good. Now, if they decide to port definitive to PC, I'm sure they can make it look even better. But PC version owners, too, have something to check out here with the definitive version. admittedly, full price might seem steep, but I'm still glad the game got made for ps4/x1. and you value hunters will probably be able to get your sale/discount copies in due time as with any other retail release.