The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4: Your Questions Answered

By Matt Firor:
"We’ve gotten a ton of great questions from the PlayStation community, who are eager to learn more about the PS4 release of The Elder Scrolls Online. While we’re still several months from the game’s June release, we want to make sure we’re keeping you up-to-date as things progress in development"

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xHeavYx1664d ago

Good to know that no Plus subscription is needed, your move MS

CerebralAssassin1664d ago

I havent read the article, just your comment. Thats great ps+ isnt requried to play. But for people that do pay for ps+, is there still a monthly fee? If so then MS will probably be the same and I wont be playing this. Not until its free to play anyway.

Volkama1664d ago

If you have PS+ you'll still need to pay for TESO.

MS had the same thing for FFXI, and I think they allowed access to World of Tanks on 360 without gold. I imagine they will carry on in that vein for TESO, but it's just petty PR. Both companies want to to subscribe to their respective service(s).

abzdine1664d ago

everyone has a PS+ subscription anyway, it's game subscription that makes no sense and that's why i will never play MMOs.
it's an extra subsctiption to pay no matter what and i prefer to pay for PS+

_LarZen_1664d ago


If you never have played a mmo (your own words) then you don't know what the benefit of a P2P mmo is compared to a F2P mmo.

And my guess is that is the case with most of the people wanting a F2P model.

And judging by 95% of the F2P games that are out they are like mobile games. Something you do while waiting for something better to do...

A mmo player uses years on a game. Not days,weeks or months. Years.

FunAndGun1664d ago


To play this game for one year cost $240!! ($60 game + $180 year sub)

That just seems excessive when I can get 4 different games with different experiences instead.

That is cool for people who enjoy it however, its just not for me.

ShinMaster1664d ago

Do I have to pay $60 for this game, followed by monthly payments $15 to be able to play this generic MMO with a lot of the unique and cool elements from TES games stripped off?


Then no, thanks.

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mo2411664d ago

thats a start lol. good news

jackanderson19851664d ago

XBL is required to play it on the xbox consoles... eurogamer confirmed it as such in their own article on the PS+ not being required

Palitera1664d ago

Nice. You just have to pay 60 bucks for the game and 15 monthly. Glad to know they saved you from paying... 4 dollars a month.

I'll wait until it becomes free to play. Or at least pay to play, not pay to pay.

thekhurg1664d ago

Welcome to MMO gaming. Enjoy your brief stay.

Stick891664d ago

You do realize almost every sub based MMO charges you for the game itself too. Honestly I'm having a hard to figuring out one that doesn't.

Stick891664d ago

GW2 isn't sub based? It charges you a box, and it has a cash shop. So what's your point?

sobotz1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2.. both are pretty popular and got a 88-90+ metacritic too.

We don't have to pay monthly. Just buy it and play for forever (in Guild Wars 2 case). Instead of applying monthly fee, they made a cosmetic microtransaction which won't affected the balance.

Path of Exile is the same, moreover we don't have to pay a cent to play it! it's totally free without having to pay $5 for a colour skin (I'm looking at Blacklight and Warframe)

thekhurg1664d ago


GW2 also has no real end game content. It's a fun game, but doesn't have the lasting appeal that standard sub-based MMO games have.

GhostTurtle1664d ago

Accept PoE isn't an mmo....

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zippycup1664d ago

looks nice hope all goes well sadly i wont be joining them i am 4 years free of mmo's and dont want to get hooked again

whitefang19881664d ago

Can someone please clarify if you can choose which servers continent you join, or is it no option and you must stay in the local one?
I'm in the uk but my best friend is in the states. So if one of us can't go to the other server then that's me out unfortunately :-(

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