Nintendo denies mobile software rumor, says it has 'no plans' to offer mini-games on rival hardware

Engadget :

"Nintendo? Making games for other hardware? Not so fast. Nikkei's widely reported tale of Mario et al. coming to a smartphone near you is unlikely to happen -- at least in the way we were all half-hoping for. The company has told Engadget that it has no plans to offer "mini-games" on smartphone platforms, reiterating its CEO's statements in prior financial reports that touched on using smart devices to better promote its games, characters and hardware. You'll just have to wait for that briefing from Iwata-san, later this week, to discover exactly how the company plans to grab a few more coins"

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zeal0us1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Same ole Nintendo. Though I doubt releasing mini-games would've made a big difference to be honest. Most kids who play games on their smartphones or tablets will want the game for that device rather a WiiU or 3DS.

Nintendo should port of some of their old games(especially the ones thats making zero money) to smartphones. An old Super Mario game for 99cent could sell a ton. Though given that its Nintendo we are talking about, I doubt a move like this will ever happen.

jimbobwahey1390d ago

The sad thing is that if Nintendo released their games on other hardware, they'd see a lot of money from me. I like Nintendo games but I hate their hardware, the lack of power, crappy online services and reliance on gimmicks drive me away. Their games are good though, even though they only release one worthwhile game per year (which doesn't make their consoles worth owning for me personally).

A lot of people I know are exactly the same as well, they would happily buy Nintendo games on PC/PS/XBOX if they were available, but they won't touch Nintendo consoles. If Nintendo wants to be stubborn about it though, it's their loss.

MeknSence1390d ago

Ok, help me understand. They shut down this rumor quick but has yet to shut down the next console "Nintendo Terminal" or "Fusion" down?

Baccra171390d ago

More like stupid. Making games for mobile would be the smart thing for Nintendo to do for several reasons. Put Miyamoto in charge of a small team, give him some guidelines and set him loose and Nintendo as a whole would benefit.

But Nintendo wants to got he insanity route so let their hubris take them to where they belong.

NihonjinChick1390d ago

Why would they give Miyamoto more work when he is already too busy with games for their own platforms?

JohnnyTower1390d ago

Good for you Nintendo. The 3ds is still selling like mad. No reason to whore out to cell phones. On this one, I'm glad Nintendo is standing its ground.

ZodTheRipper1390d ago

Thank god for this ...Nintendo going to smartphones would break my heart.

Geobros1390d ago

Finally, Nintendo is a serious company!!!

ArtificiallyYours1390d ago

If Nintendo goes to Smartphones, then SEGA goes back to making hardware.

Just saying. Kind of like when pigs fly.

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