Nintendo is going mobile, but don’t hold your breath for a full Mario iPhone game

Nintendo may finally be ready to launch mobile games, Nikkei reports, but the company will not simply unleash its Mario or Pokemon universes on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone just yet, even though millions of buyers would likely appreciate such a move. Instead, the company wants to use the growing popularity of mobile content including games to attract users and convince them to invest in Nintendo hardware and games.

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Jarrettjawn1635d ago

Nintendo cant half step on this if they really want to improve the brand. We all know enough about Nintendo brands to not need mini games to educate us on the finer parts of Mario, especially if I can't just directly by a full version of said game on the same device.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Better a half step for the sake of advertisement, than a full step that would only strengthen the foolish argument of nintendo going entirely third party/mobile.
Going fully into mobile would only harm the brand, not help it, because games like Mario are not, by design, games meant to be played on a mobile phone's touch screen.
They aren't games that you turn on for a half hour then turn off until later like Angry Birds, and no amount of good selling cheap knock-offs of nintendo franchises on some stupid app store can change that.

Nintendo franchises already have their home on nintendo hardware. None of the big three should ever go full mobile or third party.
Their games deserve better than that, and anyone who truly cares for Nintendo's long-term success is hoping they stay away from going full Mobile/third party.

PoSTedUP1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

i sort of agree. but certain games like mario kart with the tilt would probably be a blast to play on a phone as well as the mini games from mario party, stuff like that. even flying around in starfox on a phone would probably be a hit. i agree that it would hurt the appearance of the brand, but it would be really hard to hurt it anymore than they already have. i see money involved, but only if they do it right and with the right games (make them smaller experiences, too). their handheld market is keeing them alive, they really need to sit and think hard about their next move because they cant afford to take another hit. i say go where the money is just to survive. id would also bring back the wii motes to the WiiU because that over sized controller just feels horrible playing games with on your tv, its arkward. make it a small invensment just to see how it turns out, imo.

fr0sty1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Mario would play just fine with the old 2 button layout and a d-pad on the left side of the touch screen (a virtual one).

What it would do is weaken the foolish argument that Nintendo releasing games on a multitude of hardware and crafting games that cater to each hardware design's capabilities would not result in them dramatically increasing their revenue.

As of now, they have a successful handheld and a failing console. They are limited to their install base, and that is it. If they make a Wii U game, they can't count on selling more copies of that game than their are systems sold... not even that much since no game ever has a 100% attach rate.

They can keep their systems (I'd keep DS, get out of the home console market.), but also release games for other systems (home consoles, mobile) as well. DS is a cash cow that just won't die. It consistently outsells every other piece of gaming hardware, console or handheld, by a wide margin. It would be stupid for Nintendo to stop making them. However, make a really nice 3DS successor with features that can only be found on that system, then release different games for the other systems. Then maybe use those games to advertise the handheld, or offer unique integration with those games and the handheld.

Then put an HDMI out on the handheld, so it can double as a console anyway.

I'd get out of home consoles though... Nintendo does not have they money to pour into R&D that Sony and Microsoft do, and their resistance to releasing cutting edge consoles (which goes all the way back to the N64 and Nintendo's refusal to adopt the CD standard, or even DVD with GC.) is indicative that they do not feel comfortable with new technology. They do get handhelds, and better than anybody else. So, if I were Iwata, I'd release a very powerful handheld follow up to 3DS with HDMI out (compatible with all bluetooth Wii and Wii U controllers as well, maybe with an adapter for wired ones.), and let that be my one piece of hardware. I'd have a team dedicated to releasing software for it that was exclusive.

I would then have a separate team that would handle console and mobile titles. These games would be for Xbox, PS, PC, and mobile. They wouldn't be the full fledged titles I put out on the handheld, but instead simpler games such as the side scrolling mario titles, SSBB, the handheld zelda titles, etc.

I'd make the big AAA epics for my handheld/console. Then I would offer integration with my handheld no matter which console you were using, like being able to continue your game right where you left off (make all the console/mobile titles available cross buy for the handheld as well).

That way, Nintendo goes third party and gets out of making consoles without doing either fully. They still have a console (HDMI out of the handheld), they still have their handhelds, but they expand into new markets that multiply the install base they can sell games to many, many times over.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago

Sorry, frosty, but the idea that nintendo would thrive as a third party is just ludicrous.
That's not where their fan base is and that's not where they would sell best.
Heck, people from the other two systems regularly make a habit of bashing games like Mario for being rehashed to death.
That's the kind of person you're proposing nintendo sell to?
Get some realistic expectations.

You've also got the whole financial side of tour statement ass-backwards.
Not only can nintendo afford the wii u, they could afford two more like it and still have money.
Whereas Sony and Microsoft are both still neck deep in debt, firing people and selling off properties to stay in operating condition.

On top of that, nintendo wouldn't be able to make games for the others, because Nintendo's games are built around their own systems.
If they tried making games for ps4/ x bone, you'd be getting the same kind of really bad crap that the wii u got from third parties during launch.

For the sake of quality starting high and staying that way, nintendo cannot make the stupid mistake of developing for other consoles.

ape0071635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

that totally sucks

edit: if they're going to make demos not full games then that's genius

NihonjinChick1635d ago

What? All they're doing is advertising.

BoneBone1635d ago

They're not even doing demos. It's a completely fake story. See my post below.

WeAreLegion1635d ago

Every gamer in the world could send Iwata a check for $1000 and he'd never cash them. You are SITTING ON GOLD, Nintendo!

BoneBone1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Nintendo have already responded... it's false news.

"However during such past announcements Mr Iwata has also stated that Nintendo's intention is not to make Nintendo software available on smart devices and as such, we can confirm that there are no plans to offer minigames on smartphone devices.".

SilentNegotiator1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

They should come out with Warioware Touched 2 for iOS or something.

They're the only ones not releasing ANYTHING significant on mobile. Seems silly to entirely ignore it as a possible income stream.

KonsoruMasuta1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

None of the big three is pushing for anything significant on mobile devices.

SilentNegotiator1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

They made a Halo game for mobile.

KonsoruMasuta1635d ago

That's it? That the significant contribution to the mobile world?

Microsoft putting Halo on their own Windows devices. That nothing compared to Nintendo putting games on IPads and Tablets. That game is still exclusive to Microsoft devices.

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