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Submitted by GamezBox 669d ago | opinion piece

Are early adopters regretting their decision to go Next-Gen

Now the excitement has died down, and launch fever is nothing but a distant memory, how happy are next-gen owners with their product? I’ve gone on record as saying that I’m pleased I didn’t go next-gen from the off and nothing has happened in the meantime to make me change my mind. (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Mikelarry  +   669d ago
Nope no regrets here, bought the system for whats to come not whats was available at launch
truefan1  +   669d ago
I don't see why an XB1 gamer would, I definitely haven't. Even when I'm not playing games, I'm using the XB1 for something, now its like my laptop because I use google glass.
georgeenoob  +   669d ago

With X1 there's plenty of launch titles such as Ryse, DR3, KI, and Forza 5. PS4, however is just Killzone. I really don't understand why someone would buy a PS4 at the moment (unless you love indies).

Then in a month and a half is Titanfall, which I know will keep me busy for a year or two until the next one comes out. 2014 and 2015 is going to be amazing for X1. We got Quantum Break, Halo, Gears, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Fable, D4. What more can you ask for?
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NewZealander  +   669d ago
i wanted to get a X1 at launch, but im actually happy i waited, got a wii u for xmas so more then happy playing mario 3d world and windwaker until the heavy hitters come out on X1, probably wont pick the console up till halo 5 comes out.

as it stands now theres nothing on X1 or PS4 that really interests me.
hollabox  +   669d ago
Yeah I'm loving my XB1, purchased 6 digital/physical games so far with only 1 game I regret. I should have waited on the PS4, I picked up Need for Speed and Madden 25, both average games with visual marginally better than last generation. All in all I'm satisfied, I just wish both consoles would offer similar features regarding streaming, 3D playback last gen offered.
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whitefang1988  +   669d ago
Well I regret buying the x1 I'm considering trading it in for cash. I just can't stand the business running it and it's lack of focus for games. I haven't switched it on this year yet.
Ps4 on the other hand has been hardly a day goes by its not on at some point. People saying its only got kill zone like multiplats don't exist? With all the free games Sony has given me also, what has xbox given you since launch? And don't say xbox has them too because I've got bf4 on both and I. Gave it back on xbox within a few days. There is not a single multiplatform that performs better on x1 and the exclusives are poor 360 hang overs I haven't enjoyed. Except ryse which I actually disagreed with the majority and thought it was great. And xbox fitness? That's great for soccer moms with not much to do, but I'm a body builder so not much use to me.

I buy consoles to enjoy games on with no fuss, so if you want the best experience of the game on a console ps4 is the obvious choice
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awesomeisjayell  +   669d ago
Loving my X1 busy playing Forza 5,KI,Dead Rising 3,Tomb Raider DE,Fifa 14,Battlefield 4,NBA 2k14,and Halo:Spartan Assault now who said next gen doesn't have games? yea right lol feel sorry for the PS4 early adopters lol
quaneylfc  +   669d ago
I bought both on launch (like a nerd) and i havent really been playing on my ps4 so i regret buying that, the only games that interest me on it are the order and infamous. none of my friends have ps4s so i might just get rid of it, it goes to show you how unimportant resolution is...
hollabox  +   669d ago
@quaneylfc I'm with you on the PS4, its been collecting dust even before I picked up the XB1 a day after Christmas. Thought about putting it up on Ebay but figured I would just end up buying it again ounce Sony 1st party software start rolling out. I'm not even going to get into all the error codes, short battery life, PSN issues I've experienced.

I think this generation the way I buy games will be reversed. None MP multiplatform games the PS4 or PC, while buying multi player and MS 1st party exclusive or delayed exclusive on the XB1.
Locknuts  +   669d ago
Yeah the X1 looks good. Now that it has gears it's a no brainer.
admiralvic  +   669d ago
The only people with regrets are those who were unaware of what they were getting into. I knew what I was getting with my PS4 and don't regret my purchase. I don't play it every day (or in the past 2 weeks), but I'm still happy to have it and can't wait to play things like Outlast on it next month.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   669d ago
I'm the same, I don't regret it at all, I knew exactly what I was getting into.
I am of course completely bored of the launch games that I have now, but I don't regret it one bit.
The games will come along soon enough, and until then I still have my PS3.
JsonHenry  +   669d ago
Exactly. The only people that regret at those that thought the launch games would keep them happier longer than they did.

I've been enjoying the PS4 here and there. The PSN games keep it interesting more than anything right now I feel. Don't Starve, even though I own in on my PC through STEAM as well, is very addictive. The PSN music streaming service is very well done too. Probably one of the most overlooked apps on the PS4.
Joey_Leone  +   669d ago
I agree(except the Music part), but its kinda lame at the moment because there's no other option to listen to music, Sony said they would update the software to support mp3 playback, but when? There's no way i am paying $5-10 a month to listen to music i already payed for.
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andrewsqual  +   669d ago
I didn't regret buying a PS2 in December 2000 and buying only 2 games for it before Oct 2001. I was too busy playing what the PS1 had left to offer like Syphon Filter 3. The same thing applies here (btw you might say the PS2 had the most incredible game library over the following 6 years, just maybe though, don't take my word for it).
Irishguy95  +   669d ago
Infamous and Titanfall are the true beginning of the X1 and Ps4 as far as i'm concerned. Do people who buy a NG console in March still count as early adopters? Either way they all got the same deal. Shortly after Infamous and TF, Witcher 3 is coming out.

I'm 100% sure these 3 games will be some of my favorites for years to come.
HurtfulTimez  +   669d ago
Agreed I'm loving my ps4, although my ps3 did get shown a lot of love in December due to gt6 but now I'm bk on ps4 and loving every min of it except for the lack of mp3 support
MichaelLito79  +   669d ago
No Regrets on my Xbox one purchase. Completed RYSE and enjoying the multiplayer, DeadRising 3 was fun and so is Forza Motorsport 5. Completed Call of Duty and enjoying the multiplayer. Currently finishing up Battlefield and Assassins Creed. Still have not had a chance to embrace killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Max and the Cursed brotherhood and a few others.

Note: Can't wait for Titanfall.
liquidhalos  +   668d ago
Nope not for a second
lifeisgamesok  +   669d ago
Short answer: No
CocoWolfie  +   669d ago
come march, if there are, yeah...
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SCW1982  +   669d ago
Not one bit got plenty to play on PS4 and the back catalog of PS+ is keeping me very busy. Can't get enough of Shadowfalls Multiplayer.
Software_Lover  +   669d ago
You have a large backlog of ps+ ps4 games?
SmielmaN  +   669d ago
I'm thinking he has the same set up I would have. My slim PS3 next to my PS4. So when I'm not playing PS4 (almost 50 hrs in Assassins creed) I'm replaying bioshock (free this month) and DMC (which I never got around to picking up when it came out, also free this month) on the PS3.

Boom, no regrets at all here. The PS4 and PS3 keep me plenty busy. Can't wait for infamous, diablo, and South Park (ps3, wife and are are MASSIVE fans).
zerogotit  +   669d ago
I like the articles picture.
nope111  +   669d ago
Ha, i'm pretty sure that guy doesn't regret anything.
spaceg0st  +   669d ago
while there aren't many games for ps4, i'm completely happy with bf4 and the games will come.
xJumpManx  +   669d ago
Nope its comforting knowing its right there and already paid for waiting for the next gen of great games.
DjKiba  +   669d ago
Exactly what I'm thinking. Also loving the games I have for my PS4.
JohnnyTower  +   669d ago
Not even a little bit...but then I upgraded my PC. And to be honest, I haven't turned on either 360 or X1 since. Its been a couple months now and I hate to say it, but my gaming may be Steam powered from here on out.
Grave  +   669d ago
Steam is awesome, no doubt about it. However, I do find that as a hardcore PC gamer I get way more bang for the buck by going with PS3, PS4, and PS Plus. I had an Xbox 360 and played Alan Wake and Gears of War, but that was about it. On PlayStation I have never run out of stuff to play. Shit man, I think Demon's Souls alone is enough of a legitimate reason to own a PS3, never mind all their other exclusive stuff like Resistance, Killzone, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, The Last of Us, inFamous, God of War, MGS4, etc., etc.
JohnnyTower  +   669d ago
Oh guy, I am so enamoured with Steam right now. The deals and mods! Oh the mods! I get some good Ps+ deals on my Ps3 now, and my PC upgrade was much cheaper than a new console by comparison. Of course this was After I bought my X1... Im sure I will break and get a PS4 this summer or fall. Once the vita bundle drops I will be powerless against it.
Grave  +   669d ago
Yep. The deals/robbery :-) are amazing and the Workshop is sick. We are definitely on the same page man.
Good-Smurf  +   669d ago
Steam is NOT a game console.
Hope yours didn't ran out of steam...
OmegaShen  +   669d ago
Even if Igot bored with my PS4, I kept my PS3. Theres games coming out for PS3 that I want and same for PS4.
Grave  +   669d ago
Dark Souls II
OmegaShen  +   669d ago
Just one of the few I be playing on my PS3, don't know if I will reach max level on two. @_@ it was a pain to do on the first one.
BattleTorn  +   669d ago
Well, seeing as I almost cancelled my PS4 pre-order mid-October, and now know I still wouldn't be able to buy one TODAY, even if I tried -- I'm definitely not regretful.
Soldierone  +   669d ago
I've been playing my PS4 since release, no problems from me.
Dlacy13g  +   669d ago
Nope.... only time I fired up an old console was to play Xcom Enemy Within. Its the only reason I would now too.
nfl  +   669d ago
Tbh im happy there ain't many games out yet for my ps4. I enjoy what i have and gives me a chance to catch up on my other consoles games. If there were loads at launch, i would be screwed. Lol
PersonMan  +   669d ago
Wouldn't have any money left! Haha!
nfl  +   669d ago
Exactly. Lol
Flavor  +   669d ago
This is like a therapy session for consumers, jesus christ its disgusting
blakstarz  +   669d ago
Come on people, the systems JUST came out not too long ago.....people are acting like this drought of games is going to last forever...I have the PS4, but in defense of the XB1...people are kicking it while its down (sorta), but it just came out....give it time, games will get better, devs will learn more of the inner plumbing of both units and the gap between resolution and framerates will shorten overtime I'm sure.
Be happy for what is out for both units and if you have a PS3 or those in the meantime if you are tired or finished with games for the new consoles, its not like those system's life support was switched off.

I definitely kept my way in hell I'm getting rid of that especially since its the 60GIG one with the PS2 chip in it.
PersonMan  +   669d ago
I bought the PS4 for Infamous since Infamous 2 was my absolute favorite game of last gen.
RiPPn  +   669d ago
Unless there is a major price drop on the Xbox One or PS4, they are no different today than they were 2 months ago, so how could I be disappointed in having more time with these machines?

Edit: and with all the deals on games and accessories that were around at launch that are no longer around I would actually pay considerably more than I did getting it launch, so nope, very glad I got them at launch.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   669d ago
Nope. Loving the new systems and they are only going to get better with time.
KillrateOmega  +   669d ago
I went with the PS4. I'm not going to sit here and deny that the library is a little thin, but I knew what I was getting into. The games that are available are enough to tithe me over until the wave hits :)
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AceofStaves  +   669d ago
I'm loving my PS4. Buying it gave me the incentive I needed to pick up PS+, and as the owner of a PS3 as well as a Vita, PS+ has shown me, once again, that PlayStation is the best console brand for my needs and preferences.

I never regretted buying a launch PS2 or a launch PS3. Sony's incredible track record when it comes to delivering great first-party games made the decision to buy a PS4 at launch a no-brainer for me.
mooseo21  +   669d ago
Not in any way shape or form. Biggest highlight for me has been xbox upload. Something about meshing together my best/most ridiculous BF4 kills into a single clip for all to see brings a smile to my face time and time again.
RosweeSon  +   669d ago
Ps4 here.... Hell to the No!
Clover904  +   669d ago
No, but the wait for big releases is getting hard. Metal Gear Solid and Infamous in March! The Last of Us DLC, Outlast from PS Plus, and Final Fantasy XIV beta will help me get through February. Wait... February is actually looking pretty legit.
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RosweeSon  +   669d ago
Not everyone buys a console on launch for the games else you'd be pretty dissapointed but I'd still rather go for one good/ great game in killzone over a few average ones and the all the games to announced by Xbox a big wow, fable remakes halo 2 remakes gear of war from new developers and halo5 great! More of the same old same old then, glad I went ps4 even if the games are lacking at least we get a decent quality new game each month for free (ps+ isn't free you have to pay to play online) well that's nothing that Xbox hasn't been doing for a good 7/8 years ps4 with ps+ you seriously can't lose it's already cheaper arguably superior and give it a year or 2 will have the better range of games and going on the launch titles ps4 will be the only place to play 1080 with 60fps Xbox one is the ps3 of this generation and that is that im afraid all you xbox people, enjoy it while it lasts you had the monopoly on the last generation and i loved it i had still have an Xbox 360 but man ps4 and sony and not holding back, great time to be a sony gamer! Beats paying £425 for the launch ps3 with no games either available or due out and generally just playing catch up from the start... Not this time ps4 is the console ps3 is turning into now, epic! If ps3 is just hitting it's prime now like the ps2 did with god of war 1 all those years back I cannot wait to see what comes out of the ps4 in 3-5 years xbox struggling now already on launch, that's not a good point anyway you wanna look at it, fanboy specs or not the fact Xbox one is struggling with games now yet ps3 is blowing Xbox 360 out of the water finally I can't see xbox one will be in a good place 3-5 years time as they'll need a new upgraded console just to keep up with a ps4, the facts don't lie and neither does history! ;)
TronEOL  +   669d ago
I don't use my PS4 that much, but I don't regret the decision to purchase it based on the simple fact that it is there when I want to play it. It's fun to sit down and play a little Resogun, Dont Starve, Killzone, CoD, or any other games that are coming to PS+

And to be completely honest, ever since I started playing FFXIV "full time" (PC, soon PS4 as well), the only time I've ever stopped playing was for a few hours of my game time that is spent on smaller games. The only games I know will take my attention fully will be inFamous, Uncharted, The Order, and MAYBE Final Fantasy XV.

Otherwise most of my PS4 gaming will be done in small doses with games like the ones listed, or others like Driveclub, hopefully a PS4 NHL game, etc.

I'm confident in Sony to deliver the best games on a console. They proved this 100% with PS3's last handful of years, and I don't doubt this either with the PS4's first year and a bit. I mean, Killzone, inFamous, Driveclub, The Order, and Uncharted? What more could you possibly ask for. And that's only the first 12-24 months of the console being out.
RosweeSon  +   669d ago
And just for the record i also had no problem at the time buying the ps3 on launch was quite happily actually but then the Blu ray drive broke after a year or 2 and they changed the consoles every other day so that I then couldn't get one that did all the ps1/2 emulation and as the launch drought was so barren I think I could have waited on ps3 but still don't regret it, ps4 even with the games drought ( at the end of the day I've got a backlog over multiple consoles so not that bothered I can wait 6 months for some more ps4 games) but there was always and still has been something missing from ps3 it's about as good as it'll get these days but the ps4 just rights all the wrongs and seriously as it stands in its incomplete form (it doesn't even do 3D at the mo which isn't a big deal to me) it's still an incredibly slick console and as the ps3/xbox 360 changed so dramatically from having them both on launch of what they can do now, ps4 is gonna be a really exciting console to own and see change over the coming months, I think I can seriously wait until chrimbo 2014 if not 2015 just not doing it for me on the games front, dead rising forza and Ryse, Bleurgh! Not what I bought a new console for, specially not a more expensive one.
RosweeSon  +   669d ago
Good things come to those that wait ;)
Akuma07  +   669d ago
Better things happen to those who make them.
RosweeSon  +   669d ago
Like the chap above tho I got a bundle killzone mega bundle with camera and extra controller sold the extra controller so got myself a nice tidy deal console game and camera for less than £390 once I sold the controller for £40+ whack ps+ on top (I was already signed up for the next 6 months or so through ps3/vita, kerching!) and £30-40 worth of free games I'm down to about £350 with a camera main launch game and plenty of other little games to keep me going, would I be in this situation on an xbox no even with the FIFA forza bundles and a free download of killer instinct I was sent a years gold £40 and pretty much mandatory I'd be best part of £500 and getting no freebies or gifts for my troubles think I'll stick with Sony, the free games on vita alone have pretty much paid for my console hence why I can see the memory cards are a little pricy but when they give you all the best games for free they have to make some money somewhere I can't see they are on the great value console bundles around with a wii u on the side loving being a nintendo/ sony gamer at the moment, more or less tied in with xbox 360 at the moment but I'm nearly through my backlog of games and then it's bye bye Microsoft ;)
Akuma07  +   669d ago
Nope. No regrets at all.

I hope all of you non-adopters are enjoying your last-gen consoles. I am fully enjoying my full next gen experience.
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