PVZ Garden Warfare Split Screen & Boss Mode

Check out the latest gameplay clip of PVZ Garden Warfare which shows off its Split screen action and its boss mode. The game is exclusive to the XboxOne from what is mentioned in the video so PS4 owners will be missing out on this one I’m afraid. The game is being developed and published by EA and is a spinoff from their popular Iphone game Plants Vs Zombies which has seen itself spread across multiply devices such as Xbox360, PS3 and PSVITA.

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Whitey2k1574d ago

EA again!!! why are they shafting ps4 owners yet again!! ps4 support my arse!!! sony should say summit to these

CelticGamer1574d ago

It is a shame. I was looking forward to trying out this game on PS4, but it's enough to justify purchasing a XboxOne for me. Gears is the only series that could make me jump on board. Titanfall is FPS and thats not really my cup of tea.

Tiqila1574d ago

no coop on ps4? what a ripoff

MitchConcannon1574d ago

So it's no Co-Op. But does that mean the game could still release on PS4? EA really need a win and not putting Titanfall on PS4 and now Plants could prove to be a big mistake seeing as PS4 has more consoles sold to date worldwide. And Japan is still left to adopt it.

truefan11574d ago

Man this game is going to be mad fun, I hope I can teach my wife to play. Another xbox exclusive keep the games coming Microsoft.