Galak-Z Targeting 60 fps on the PS4, Dev Explains Why They Don't Have Anything Planned For Xbox One

"Developed by 17-BIT, the game was first announced during Sony's press conference at E3 last year. We got in touch with CEO Jake Kazdal to talk how the game is shaping up on the PlayStation 4."

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ZodTheRipper1699d ago

longterm exclusivity, good decision ...means they can focus on one platform

GribbleGrunger1699d ago

For anyone who wants to find out more about this game, watch this:

JoGam1699d ago

Thanks man. Knew nothing of this game till now. Looks awesome.

LiViNgLeGaCY1699d ago

Oh wow!! This game is now on my must haves list!! Looks amazing!! Anyone know a release date??

zippycup1699d ago

thx gribble dident now about this game looks interesting

ZodTheRipper1699d ago

Yes, after seeing the gameplay this has Day1 potential for me. The guy seems pretty cool too, deserves the support.

joeorc1699d ago

I am getting that game
Thank you for the vid link, that was pretty epic, kinda like robotech missile fire patterns. and the oponents have shields..yikes this game is going to be awesome by the game play vid that is pretty freaking awesome.

BattleAxe1699d ago


Gal ak Z(zed)

Hmm, I don't get it.

badz1491699d ago


it's Galak-Z (Galak-(Zee)) which sounds like Galaxy if you're honestly wondering.

but fans of Resogun and Super Stardust will feel at home with this.

showtimefolks1699d ago


Thanks awesome can't wait to play it


they can focus on a console that will be selling like hot cakes and won't have the restrictions of MS, since sony is letting developers do pretty much anything they want on ps4

ITPython1698d ago

@badz149 - He's probably Canadian, they often pronounce the letter Z as Zed, rather than Zee.

How do I know this? TV of course!

I quote from Stargate Atlantis:

Dr. McKay: ...And we'll need the Zed-P-M.
Gen. O'Neill: What?
Dr. Jackson: The ZPM. He's...he's Canadian.
Gen. O'Neill:(at McKay) I'm sorry.

badz1491698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )


in my country, we call it as "Zed" too, not "Zee". when I was little, I learned that Americans call it as "Zee" by watching Sesame Street.

now I know Canadian call it Zed too. guess I learnt something new today.

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webeblazing1699d ago

whats this one platform you speak of? its not exclusive its coming to pc too

ZodTheRipper1699d ago

I'll gladly compare sales on PC vs. sales on PS4 with you after this game was released on both. You will see that instead of pirating Playstation users support these kind of games. Do you think games like Flower or Journey would have the same commercial success if they were released on PC instead of PS3?

webeblazing1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

you mean like the success of the ton of indy games get on pc now lol. seriously? tell me that wasnt a serious respond. maybe you should try pc games instead of acting like you know about them. and are you saying if ps3 was hackable like xb360 people wouldnt pirate game lol. so full of it. you gladly said that to like it suppose to make the game exclusive. its still coming to pc.

one day its gfx, next day its sales, next resolution, next specs, next exclusives. every time some come to shut the fanboy party down yall run to another subject to hide. try being humble and say your excited for the game. seeing the disagrees show how desperate fanboys on this site is.

thezeldadoth1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

@zod. what do sales have to do with being exclusive. i can play on
PC, meaning i don't need a ps4 to play it, meaning it is not exclusive. try harder

ZodTheRipper1699d ago

PC is irrelevant when talking about "focussing resources on 1 platform".
Every game is being developed on a PC anyway and then ported to consoles. The real money is made on consoles though and developers are smart to focus on the most successful one. I guess you can't imagine what effect exclusivity has on both game quality and gamers interest.

scootscottskeet931699d ago

Web.. you know what he meant. No need to be rude my friend.

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iiorestesii1699d ago

@zod Thanks for the inside scoop, buddy.

Bdub20001699d ago

Long-term exclusivity for PS4 games = good, Devs can spend more time on them.
Long-term exclusivity for X1 games = bad, Microsoft is greedy and it's bad for the community.

Bdub20001699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

@zod, I see the point you're trying to make, but an *opinion* article where one or two developers had a bad experience with Microsoft and then had a good experience with Sony does not tell the whole story. Not to mention, who the heck are those guys that spoke out against Microsoft anyways? LOL...
Does a first time indie really expect star treatment? Do indies really think their won't be a lot of paperwork and red tape to get their game out regardless of who they develop for? Maybe it is easier or better at Sony, but I wouldn't call this one article the whole story or actual evidence...

Hicken1699d ago

Difference: Microsoft pays for that exclusivity. Sony doesn't.

Bdub20001699d ago

@hicken, in some cases Microsoft pays for it, and absolutely in some cases Sony does too. In some cases Microsoft doesn't, and same for Sony. That argument goes both ways.

nukeitall1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

MS exclusivity = money hatting, greedy, bad for game industry

Sony exclusive = good choice, dev is focused, great game, day 1 potential

The double standard is ridiculous. I wonder if we would still be playing mostly single player games without MS pushing online connectivity on consoles?

Sony certainly wasn't pushing it when PS3 was released, let alone PS2.


That is laughable and full of BS. Sony doesn't play for exclusivity?

Devs just love Sony so much they give up potential profit?

Right! Only delusional fangirls think that!


I think the fact that MS is the only one that does not require a dev kit to develop indie games since the Xbox 360 and anyone can publish on their platform speaks volumes. Heck, with XNA the tools was free for use on PC, and publishing on Xbox 360 only cost $100. It was even free for students.

That means with only an Xbox 360 (and in some cases $100) anyone can publish on console with free tools and community support via XNA.

Until this day, nobody else (as far as I know) has matched MS. Everyone else are stopping you by requiring expensive dev kits that cost thousands of dollars. Even if you had the cash, Sony wouldn't necessarily let you have a dev kit.

MS is continuing with this heritage on the @ID Xbox One. @ID Xbox program is the only one of it's kind that I know of on consoles.

ambientFLIER1699d ago

Hicken -

The fact that you would say something so ignorant and naive shows just how out of touch you really are.

Prime1571699d ago


Some people fail to give ms some credit yes. Times are changing allowing technology and services (games in this case) to come about faster. But first let me say, Pc has always had that self publishing feature where all you need is your completed game and a website to start getting your game out there.

The way I see it, choosing a specific, non-pc platform to make a non-AAA forecasted game for it is now like choosing a restaurant to go to... why would you go to the one treats you like it's a privilege to eat there? No, you go to the one that realizes it's a privilege to have you as its guest.

There seems to be an overall mantra at ms from it's higher ups about control. Control the consumer with drm, control the people creating games for your machine with launch day parity, control intellectual rights. I know you don't see it, but ms has always been aggressive in these areas. Even if they give you unity for free, there is still that awkward pressure of, "we are Microsoft, you should be grateful for us."

The thought in a business' head should be, "we at this company are grateful to you the consumer and anyone else helping us to make money." We saw that after e3 with all the x1's reversals. We saw that consumers can make a difference. Boycotts, ect..

I don't care for ms, which makes fanboys like you THINK and label me a Sony fanboy, but reality is that many xbox fanboys jump the gun because Sony is the biggest competitor. i only support ms when I have to (like buying Windows to play a game I want on pc). I hate it, but Mac gaming, while being better than it used to, still doesn't suffice for my gaming habits without a lengthy work around.

Also, the way you attack Sony fanboys as if your fanboy-ism is different is not lost on many people here on n4g.

jebabcock1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


MS has a very bad reputation across the boards and it was there long before gaming came along. If you aren't aware of that, then you probably don't need to be commenting. Where as Sony may have had track records for being arrogant in the past, Sony has always been a loved and respected brand. Do some homework man.... They also have a VERY long history of supporting formats and systems they release even if they aren't the most well adopted. MS on the otherhand has a very long history littered with shady practices and monopolization that extends back decades. If you go digging up dirt, i promise you are going to probably find 100 skeletons in MS's closet for every skeleton you find in Sonys.

Despite what anyone wants to say about track records, Sony has yet to have anything nearly as colossal as the RROD... Sony or nintendo or any other manufacturer in the business would bankrupt if they allowed something like that to happen, MS is one of the few that could afford such a mishap and actually survive it. Massive marketing can do wonders for the short game... But it will eventually come back and bite you in the end.

So yes... there is a bias against MS, but its not just by sony fanboys or even gamers... Open your eyes, most of the world has a distaste for microsoft. I love .net development, but it will take a while before i have any respect for MS as a company. I have seen way too much shifty business in my lifetime.

They need to start following through on commitments.. not just in gaming but across the board..

As far as the game, i am uncertain it is my type of game so i will probably pass. I am glad others like it though.

MarkusMcNugen1699d ago

"i only support ms when I have to (like buying Windows to play a game I want on pc). I hate it, but Mac gaming, while being better than it used to, still doesn't suffice for my gaming habits without a lengthy work around."

So you're not pro-Sony, just anti anything Microsoft. Tell me again how that doesn't bias you towards Sony. Since they are the only other console manufacturer to make a truly next-gen system spec wise.

They both have decent reputations. Both had their fair share of problems and mistakes. Microsoft had the 360 RROD, Sony had the PS2 failure rate. Microsoft broke anti-trust laws back in the day (Which most likely wouldnt hold up nowadays), Sony had the BMG CD rootkit scandal.

You are trying to create a narrative against Microsoft that is simply based on opinion as if it is fact. Trust me, there is plenty of bias both ways.

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donman11699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


CertifiedGamer1698d ago

This generation non-exclusives have felt awesome. First it was Call of Duty and Assasins Creed doing 1080p on the PS4, now it's Tomb Raider doing 60 fps on PS4. Karma must suck for the 360 fans that treated Sony fans the way they are being treated today.

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XtraTrstrL1699d ago

Oh god, the game looks cool 'n all, but can we stop with the "We're aiming for 1080p at 60fps." for games that obviously shouldn't have a problem pulling it off.

GentlemenRUs1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

No because 720p on consoles were last gen... This gen needed the jump.

PS1 - SD
PS2 - SD/CHD(Component High-definition)
PS3 - Sub-HD/HD
PS4 - Full HD

There's a reason why it's called Next Gen and if the console can output [email protected] then why would dev's not aim for it?

EDIT: I see Next Gen as a technical jump then a graphical and gameplay jump.

ThePope1699d ago

No they call it next gen because of higher fidelity graphics AND new and expansive gameplay possibilities.

The latter being FAR more important than the former. And if that was not true you would have spent $99 on a blu ray player not $400+ on a gaming console.

XtraTrstrL1699d ago

I'm saying, stop mentioning it to get attention. Because everyone is talking about 1080p x 60fps now, to compare PS4 vs X1 of multiplats and stuff. So, everyone and their mother wants to mention they are pushing 1080p x 60fps. I think it'd be pretty obvious by looking at the graphics that this game should be pulling off 1080ps x 60fps. It's not some crazy feat for them to pull that off with this game.

GarrusVakarian1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


Well....technically "Next gen" refers simply to the fact that they are the next generation of consoles....successors to the previous generation.

Better graphics and gameplay is just what we expect from them (and rightfully so) and i agree completely that the latter is more important.

headblackman1699d ago

come one dude! let's be clear. the ps4 isn't doing all of it's games and 1080p 60fps. you have mixed settings on their games. there aren't many that do both at the same time, so stop with that nonsense you're selling. the ps4 is still on a learning curve just like the x1 is. the only real difference is that the x1 software to control it's hardware is still a little on the immature side at the moment and it's not allowing the developers to get the best usage out of it. it's not that the system is capable, because both systems are more than capable of doing whatever for years to come. the real differences wont be truly and fairly pointed out until the 4th-6th year. by this time next year it will be a totally different story and hopefully we can get back to gaming instead of looking like asses for something that we aren't even getting paid for :-\

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HaveAsandwich1699d ago

you're wasting your time. the 60fps deal is not going to stop.

MasterCornholio1699d ago

I dont see why people dont have the right to know what the developers are aiming for.

JoGam1699d ago

I dont think thats how he meant it.

JoGam1699d ago

Some people on this site don't read and comprehend. Agreed with you. This game shouldn't have a problem hitting 1080p and 60 fps. Don't know why they had to say we'll try to hit it.

iiorestesii1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

They're saying this because Sony asked then to. Did you get mad when Major Nelson said Sony did a great job with their launch? That was pretty redundant, self explanatory, needless to say but I don't see you complaining about his fake mr Rogers BS, and hell he's actually famous. Why can't you let this small developer have his 15mins without thinking of the sand in your strange that is the x1 you bought.

JoGam1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

@ iiorrestesii..., lol relax young one. You seem to be one of those people who cant comprehend. You took my comment out of context. Im not angry nor do I care. Also, I don't own a X1. However I own 3 PS3's, 1 Vita, and 1 PS4. I have every PS4 game released and have over 400 PS3 Games, not to mention my Vita games. So what was you saying about X1 again?

XtraTrstrL1699d ago

Sometimes I am embarrassed being a PS fan. The fanboy-ism is getting out of control. Yes, they fail to comprehend, because as soon as they see something they perceive as negative toward their console, they pounce on you before even managing to comprehend what you are saying.

I also have a PS3 and a PS4 and the only Xbox I have is the original. Atleast you got what I was saying. Dunno what these guys think they're defendind. It is funny though.

JoGam1699d ago

@ Xtra TrstrL.....They're kids man. No grown man or woman will act this way. At least I hope not.

Happy Gaming Man!

MasterCornholio1699d ago

Having official confirmation from the developer is much better than speculating whether it will be 1080P 60FPS or 1080P 30FPS.

Prime1571699d ago

In the case of these small developers, even if it's a smaller game doesn't mean that developer couldn't craft something to cause a stutter at 1080p/60fps... I know me saying that might cause some trouble, but have some faith in random devs..

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bryam19821699d ago

@xtratrstrl I'm whit you on this they.need to stop whit the "X game runs at 1080P/60FPS" news,we all know ps4 runs true next gen resolution and xbone can't, no need to remind xbone fans is the.ps4 every day :-P

iiorestesii1699d ago

@xtratrstrl "The one who smelt it,delt it." Why are you whinning on a page detailing a small ps4 indie game by a small developer. The gaming community is not going to stop discussing specs for your piece of mind. There is no affirmative action plan set to help x1 purchasers feel better about their 100 donation in the name of inferiority. THE ONE WHO SMELT IT DELT IT NOW CAN THE ADULTS PLEASE GO BACK TO DISCUSSING ACTUAL NEXT GEN STANDARDS WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO CONSIDER YOUR FEELINGS, CONSIDERING YOU ARE A SUCKER?

XtraTrstrL1699d ago

You couldn't be any more of an idiot fanboy if you tried.

JoGam1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

@ iiorestesii, You seem out of touch right now. YOU overeacted and took what he said personal and out of context. CALM DOWN my friend. In your response to my comment you bring up something about Major Nelson and Sony doing a good job. WTF was THAT? That had nothing I mean NOTHING to do with this entire conversation. You honestly seem like a young ass fanboy kid. Dude GROW UP. The sad part is you used your three bubbles to argue over nothing really. Grow up!


MarkusMcNugen1699d ago

Cant tell if troll, or just stupid...

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patsrule3161699d ago

This is just after The Witness as my second most anticipated Indie game. The artwork is amazing, the space is huge, the enemies have personalities, and it pays homage to the anime space stories from my youth. I was a huge fan of Star Blazers in 1980, and this definitely has some of that in it. Can't wait!

MasterCornholio1699d ago

Ooooo the witness. I cant wait for that game.

1080P 60FPS i believe it will run in.

Shane Kim1699d ago

Because Xbob One can only perform 720p at 30fps. It's common knowledge by now.

B1uBurneR1699d ago

Shane not true. If that was the case then none of the X1 launch games Would've had it. Forza 5 1080p @ 60fps. I Remember when PS3 games were subpar compared to 360. That didn't mean the system wasn't capable, to me it means the devs are using their resources differently than others to achieve their goal.

When you see on N4G that X1 can't do 1080p @ 60. It's clearly a fanbot talking out his A dollar signs

gamer20131699d ago

Why waist you're time with someone who is obviously trolling?

GW2121699d ago

It's not that the XB1 can't hit it. It is just having difficulty on the more graphically intensive games whereas the PS4 has the horsepower to do it more easily.

GamingNerd0131699d ago

Forza is a bad example as everybody knows y it's 1080P at 60fPS plus it's not that great with graphics heck GT6 P. Cars r if not just as good at forza 5. My point y it's a bad example is cause it's not a demanding game as it has a lot of content missing or just not in it like night and day weathers less cars tracks and much more. If all those were in it I really doubt it would be 1080P at 60FPS. And I believe X1 will able to achieve 1080P at 60FPS but I'm sure some sort of sacrifice will be made to able to do it on X1 where PS4 can easily do it without any sacrifice as it has better specs 2 able to achieve 1080P 60 with no problem.

zippycup1699d ago

im a sony fanboy let me just get that out the way

and i am not a racing fan i mostly play rpg games

but the graphics on forza and ryze look amazing so is it realy the xbone or the develepers geting lazy

just asking not wanting to start a flame war

CertifiedGamer1698d ago

B1UBurneR FORZA had to downgrade graphics to achieve [email protected] fps. Ryse downgraded itself from 1080p to 720p

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cellfluid1699d ago ShowReplies(2)