Journey on PS4 'a possibility', says Thatgamecompany

PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''Thatgamecompany, the intrepid minds behind the likes of flOw and Flower has today responded to a Tweet regarding the possibility of seeing its much-acclaimed PS3-exclusive Journey on PlayStation 4...''

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Hellsvacancy1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

A possibility? ffs you KNOW it's going to happen, I bet most PS3 PSN games will land on the PS4 at some point, encouraging gamers with extra (minor) features/upgrades in order to get us to pay again

Not me, I LOVED Journey none the less

AaronMK1694d ago

Flower was a cross-buy. If you had bought it on PS3, you did not have to pay again for PS4.

Hopefully Journey will be as well.

Hellsvacancy1694d ago

Was it? that's surprising, I "kinda" take back what I said

ZodTheRipper1694d ago

Most games (or ports, for that matter) have cross-buy. It just needs to be saved in your PSN account.

ipach1694d ago

sounds shapes and flow was the same. given that the studio's 2 other titles got the ps4 upgrade, no doubt journey would be in the mix (the port is not likely to be done by thatgamecompany, though). journey, with its snow and sand and character models and cutscenes is probably a little trickier to port, so it could take longer. but sony must know that it has a lot of former xbox gamers in the ps4 that would probably buy that up if it were available...

GameSpawn1694d ago

Agreed. Most PSN games (especially those made by Sony Studios) have crossbuy. Buy the Vita or PS3 version get the other, just that now cossbuy is also including the PS4. One price - three versions. This is a freaking sweet deal if you own a PS3, PS4, and a Vita.

The ONLY people who have gotten screwed by crossbuy and had to buy a PSN game again are those that purchased PSP versions of PSN games as the PSP versions are excluded from crossbuy terms.

Seeing as Flow and Flower were ported, I have no doubts that Journey will eventually be ported and retain the same crossbuy terms that Flow and Flower did.

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Clover9041694d ago

Flower, Flow, Escape Plan and Sound Shapes all got a FREE ps4 upgrade if you already purchased with another console.

Having said that, these were all the same game ported over with graphics enhancements. I would gladly purchase Journey again for some new level, or maybe a chance to play through some other character's journey :)

Walker1694d ago

On PS4 with 4K resoultion ! just gimme the light !

Venox20081694d ago

4k just for movies on PS4

KUV19771694d ago

Yet, the makers of Trine said that it would run in [email protected] if SONY would allow it.

goldwyncq1694d ago

Even though it's overrated, I'd buy a 4K version in a heartbeat.

a08andan1694d ago

I would buy it! Never played it on the ps3! (Shame on me :( )

GentlemenRUs1694d ago

As long as it's a Cross-Buy(I got it last sale in 2012) then I'm fine with it.

Agent20091694d ago

The most emotional game of the generation.

ipach1694d ago

most efficient use of text of the generation

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