Sly Cooper Movie Gets First Official Details and Pictures; Debut Trailer Now Available Online

GearNuke: "Sly Cooper is getting a brand new CG animation from Rainmaker Entertainment. It is scheduled for a release in 2016. Rainmaker Entertainment has now finally released the first teaser trailer for this brand new animation, based on the popular Sly Cooper series on the PlayStation platform."

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majiebeast1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

If they change Murray i would be happy, animation looks pretty damn good.

ShugaCane1546d ago

It actually looks awesome lol

Nitrowolf21546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Murrary design, jesus lol. I think they need to make him less a bit blocky in the face area, and it should look fine.

Otherwise it looks good.

sinncross1546d ago

I hope they change Sly a little otherwise I think this trailer actually looked and sounded really good.

Ive never played the sly games (i know of and have seen them) and I am amped for this film haha

tigertron1546d ago

You should start off buying the HD trilogy then buying Thieves in Time. You can buy them quite cheap.

3-4-51546d ago

Do you need to play them in order?

Xsilver1546d ago

ok So we got ratchet and Clank the Movie Now sly Cooper all we need is jak and Daxter :)

Clover9041546d ago

Don't forget Heavenly Sword :)

Hellsvacancy1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Hopefully we will start seeing more and more (fingers crossed, decent) Game >>>> Movies, I'm so tired of all these comic book movies (not saying I don't enjoy them)

It's time gaming was put on the spotlight, I'd LOVE a movie based on Fallout, Metro, Deus Ex, Hotline Miami, The Last Of Us, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls (I could keep going)

Ratty1546d ago

Let games be games and movies be movies. I've seen enough horrible adaptations in my time.

kneon1546d ago

If they keep trying eventually someone will get it right.

Ratty1546d ago

Meaning a lot more stories will need to be sacrificed.

Some have got it right. The first Silent Hill movie was a good adaptation. I can't say the same about its sequel. Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy was very good for a fan-made movie. I can't really think of anything else.

Hellsvacancy1546d ago

I thought I was the only one who liked the first Silent Hill Movie

As long directors like Paul W.S. Anderson and Uwe Boll stay away things should turn out fine

There's too many good stories in games that alot of people would never experience because they hate the thought of gaming, those stories should be shared and be recognized for how great the really are

isarai1546d ago

OK Murray looks a bit odd but this trailer just convinced the HELL out of me, really excited for this film now :D

mr-phillips1546d ago

Can't wait too see Agent Fox, First Ratchet and Clank now Sly good job Sony.

gamedebater1546d ago

Turtle's voice is too annoying. he needs to be more likeable since hes the brains.

isarai1546d ago

but that's been his voice since the very first game,

mt1546d ago

play the games and you will like his voice.

sarshelyam1546d ago

That's his voice...has been for the last 5 games (which includes the Bentley spinoff).

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