Titanbooks reveal limited edition Titanfall art book

Titanbooks has revelead limited edition Titanfall art book, the release is described as a “companion” to the 2014 Respawn shooter, and comes with a print signed by 17 members of the development team.

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TheRedButterfly1515d ago

Yes! I'm so about this! The art book was all that interested me within the super-mega-uber-expensive edition of Titanfall, so for it to release separately? Win win for me! Get the art book and the game, but not the hulking and unnecessary statue. :)

It's gonna look great next to my multiple Halo/Mass Effect/Dark Souls/Elder Scrolls art books. Can't wait!

IndiaFPS1515d ago

yup $250 is too expensive !

CynicalKelly1515d ago

Yeah, it's $411 in the UK.

Kyosuke_Sanada1515d ago

I am very curious to see what inside especially for mech designs that didn't get to make it in the game.

-Foxtrot1515d ago

Art books, figures, a super duper collectors edition...and the game hasn't even came out.

EA are going to milk the crap out of this aren't they...

IndiaFPS1515d ago

They will try best to milk it

ger23961515d ago

Its just business, They'll keep selling as long as people keep buying.

The_devils_chum1515d ago

OMG are they going to have titanfall pajamas and maybe even a lunch box? or maybe even a big stupid robot doll.

IndiaFPS1514d ago

well book seems interesting