Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 vs Xbox One HD Video and Framerate Comparison

Watch a new video comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Be sure to click the HD button.

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Kayant1697d ago

This is a good video that really shows how much the experience can be improved with frame rates in the high 40-50s compared to vsync on 30fps capped. It just makes the experience that much better.

zerogotit1697d ago

It looks exactly the same.

Kayant1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Have you played a few games at 60fps before? If not you may not notice it. I would have said the same thing some months ago but after playing warframe on pc at 45+FPS you can easy see it.

If you can't notice the difference in this gif ---> then your eyes are not sensitive to above 30fps yet.

If you're still claiming there is no difference there you're in complete denial.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1697d ago

they may look the same but the framrates are smoother on PS4 as you can see when they slow it down

Charybdis1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

In slow motion difference in frame rate is obvious noticeable. However the average gamer doesn't play games in slow motion.

60 fps is important in fast moving games (fighting games, racing) as one frame can make a difference, not sure if this is case for tomb raider.

morganfell1697d ago

Digital Foundry will have a more in-depth analysis later this week where they will discuss Controller Response. This becomes an issue in areas where a game dips to 24FPS.

Irishguy951697d ago

When you're playing it, you will notice it. 60FPS TR is one of the main reasons I liked the game more than the Uncharted series.

Boody-Bandit1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )


They make look the same but they definitely don't perform the same. I am very susceptible to games that run below 30fps when I play any 1st person and especially 3rd person video game. Especially if there is input latency on the controls because of frame rate drops which I feel might end up being the case on the X1 version.

I suffer from vertigo and get really nausea from games that run sub 30fps. I was starting to feel those effects just from concentrating on the X1 version while this quick demo was running. I have to play games like that in small doses until I build up a tolerance to them. Good thing I wont have to worry about this with the PS4 version.

Hicken1697d ago

It doesn't look exactly the same. But even if it did, it'd still FEEL very different when playing.

GarrusVakarian1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

You won't see the framerate differences on this video, because this video runs at 30fps (like youtube). So while they may look the same to you, in-game the PS4 will be much smoother due to the higher framerate.

And just so you know, they don't look the same:

The X1 version has crushed blacks (loss of detail in the plants, rocks), lower res textures (Lara's pants, ground, grass, rocks, tail of plane, waves), the PS4 version looks way sharper/cleaner, the X1 version is over saturated with colour and has an overall 'muddier' or 'blurrier' look to it. The PS4 version looks like it's running at NATIVE 1080p, while the X1 version looks like it's been upscaled and has some horrible use of FXAA, resulting in the blurry look (a good example of that is the patch of grass on the far right above the IGN logo, it looks sharper on the PS4 version and a blurry mess on the X1 version)..

Of course a few of those things can be rectified with your TV settings (gamma, brightness, contrast, colour). But it's clear the PS4 version not only runs better but also looks better, continuing the trend.

MasterCornholio1697d ago


Did they confirm native 1080P for both versions though?

Because in the gif that you posted the Xbox One version looks like its running at a lower resolution to me.

GarrusVakarian1697d ago


I don't think they did. While it's obvious the PS4 version is running native due to it's sharp, clean IQ, the X1 version has the unmistakable look of an upscaled game with a poor AA solution.

shaenoide1697d ago

it's just so damn smoother on PS4...

Pekka1697d ago

@BrutallyHonest: But it is strange that people usually don't feel nausea while watching movies. Because almost all movies ever released in theaters are 24fps, even 3D and action movies (even Avatar is 24fps). Even when you are watching movie on Bluray or DVD, they are still shown as 24fps on your TV.

Kennytaur1697d ago

@Lucas: Is that gif for real? I wasn't expecting much of a notable difference, but that's pretty huge all things considered. Pretty much every texture looks better, and the water looks a fair step up on the PS4.

dumahim1697d ago

That gif doesn't seem right. Of the other times I've seen PS4 and Xbox One version being compared, they looked the same, but obviously had a different framerate. Check out IGN and Digital Foundry comparisons.

Boody-Bandit1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Pekka actual frames per second in a movie have nothing to do with gaming. You're not interacting with a movie and expecting the direction the camera is going to move. You're not controlling the panning, movement, camera angles nor movement of the characters or vehicles in a movie like you do with a controller and a video game.

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Kayant1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )


"You won't see the framerate differences on this video, because this video runs at 30fps (like youtube" - No the difference is there in this video I really don't think this is a 30fps player I could see the difference just like in the last of us gif.

Yh am really looking forward to the DF features comparison to see if they really is a that much of a difference in IQ between the two.

Edit - Seriously it's not. If you can tell the difference in the last of us gif then telling the difference in the video should be easy.

There is a reason why you can easy see the frames jittering in the XB1 footage when it's slow downed while the PS4 version just looks slowed down like it should. Both yes people should download the footage or watch it it on the site with the html5 player to see it better.

GarrusVakarian1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Im not sure the player is 60fps. I can tell the difference between 60fps and 30fps with ease and there isn't much difference there that i can see.....

Although, when they slow the game down the X1 version isn't as not sure, it doesn't look like a 60fps player to me.

Check this out- look at the 30fps square for 10 seconds, then look at the 60fps one. Blatantly different, i don't get the same effect from this video.

I recommend people to actually download the 60fps direct feed gameplay from gamersyde - then you will see the difference in framerates.

itBourne1697d ago

I kind of agree actually, it is way more difficult to tell a difference from a streamed video. Get a direct feed or hell play the game itself, that is where you really notice. Most games for me, watching a video on the internet does it no justice to how it is when I am playing it.

To that same point, 60fps and 30fps to me is less on how it looks, and more on how it feels while I am playing it. I can Feel the difference in frame rates more then I can see it. I am willing to bet if a Last of Us PS4 version is released and its 60 fps, I would never want to play the ps3 one again, because it would feel slow and tankish to me.

AngelicIceDiamond1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Lol ok this isn't really telling me much. Is there a difference? Yeah. But you need to do a side by side comparison with frame editing to really see the difference.

The first half of the vid I didn't see a difference really because it was a normal speed. Until they slowed it down to reveal the behind the curtain difference.

Whenever they do a Thief, or Watchdog comparisons we'll get the same results here with 30 frames.

Both look and play the same.

Other than that 60 is simply where its at even if they're not a difference at first glance.

popup1697d ago

Nothing shows 30fps vs 60fps like a side scrolling game. Download and watch this Mario footage...

If both sides appear to be moving as smoothly as each other to your eyes, I think we may be different species?

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svoulis1697d ago

60fps vs 30fps has a lot to do with fluidity and latency. You feel the difference more than anything. Anyone claiming you can't "see" over 30fps is just sadly mislead by smashing their face into a keyboard hoping for google to answer the question "can the human eye see over 30fps"

You can, and the best way to find out if you can is to play a game like AC IV on Xbox One or PS4 and then on PC (with frame rate unlocked of course) If you claim you can't feel/see the difference then you are in complete denial.

I picked this up for PS4 last night at gamestop. I am very happy with it.

Christopher1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

To be honest, some people can't. Myself included. I only see well out of one eye. The other, it's practically blind. Until the video is slowed down, it is practically impossible for my one eye to notice the differences. The reasoning is because of how much work my one eye has to do in noticing various details in comparison to two eyes. It doesn't have the time to notice fine details in differences in frame rate beyond 30 fps because it can't take in all the detail as it is compared to a person with two working eyes.

Just want to throw that out there since so many people love to deal in absolutes.

GarrusVakarian1697d ago

Try this -

Stare at each cube for 5-10 seconds with your good eye and then scroll down to the next. Does that make it easier to tell the difference, or no?

svoulis1697d ago

So you're saying because you have a bad eye it doesn't effect you?

It still would 60fps doesn't just effect the fluidity of a game, it also effects the response time (latency) by double.

Regardless, there is a noticeable difference from 30 to 60fps look at the link Lukas provided, and if you still don't see it, thats a shame.

Christopher1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

***So you're saying because you have a bad eye it doesn't effect you? ***

It doesn't. That doesn't mean it doesn't affect others.

The purpose of my post is to say that for some of us, it's something we can't differentiate. Others take the standpoint that it's impossible that a person can't see the difference. The fact is, I highly doubt I'm far from alone on the people who, in a graphically intense action game that otherwise has no "lag", can tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps.

***Stare at each cube for 5-10 seconds with your good eye and then scroll down to the next. Does that make it easier to tell the difference, or no?***

I've seen that before. It's a simplistic demonstration that can't be used to prove the ability to differentiate framerate in a game that has so much going on screen at once and utilizes a wide variety of textures.

Is there a difference between 30 fps and 60fps for me on that? Yes, very slight. But, that's because there is nothing there that forces my eye to otherwise be distracted (complex textures, lighting/explosions, complex movement, etc.).

Does that simplistic example prove that I can tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps in a game like Tomb Raider? No, not at all. In a game like Tomb Raider, my eye is not able to focus itself as well and is unable to detect those slight changes as it is busy keeping up with other changes happening on the screen.


I am not saying that people can't see the difference. I'm saying that some of us can't. I also provided a personal example of why. If you think you know better than the guy who has relied his whole life on just one eye based on what I've expressed... you're wrong.

UltraNova1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Make sure your display is 60hrz then watch it again.. I'm amazed you cant see the difference from 30 to 60 fps. Its clear as day.

Christopher1696d ago

***Make sure your display is 60hrz then watch it again.. I'm amazed you cant see the difference from 30 to 60 fps. Its clear as day.***


Do people even read what I write?

UltraNova1696d ago

Obviously not when you're being a douche- facepalming yourself- while others simply try helping you.

Christopher1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

***Obviously not when you're being a douche- facepalming yourself- while others simply try helping you.***

So, let me get this straight, you agree you did't read what I wrote?

Hint, both of my monitors are 60Hz. My TV is 120Hz. But, that does nothing to cure my one horrible eye. If what the doctors had me do when I was a kid didn't solve it, I doubt a better monitor or TV will solve it.

Or, are you saying that you know a way to fix my one eye? Because that's the _only_ way I'll be able to see games the way you and others do. It does nothing to make me better at shooters or twitch gameplay.

Or is that concept too hard to understand?

Here's another concept.

Your eyes are the merging of two images, right? Your left eye, it's perfect. No flaws. Your right eye, though, imagine you take a screenshot every millisecond. When you view just that one image of what your right eye sees, you notice that 90% of the pixels are gone. Just filled in with gray/black blobs.

Now, luckily, your brain/eyes/awesome biological make up that is your body has learned that instead of merging the things it can't see, it will only merge what it can. But, at the same time, the majority of "power" to your eyes will now go to just the one. It's redistributing it where it makes the most sense. But, now, you have a single eye doing the work of two.

In that scenario, do you think that you see the same as others? Do you think that everything they can see, no matter how subtle or the speed of which a change is detected, is going to be the same for you?

UltraNova1696d ago

Ok lets get something straight here I rushed through your rather long comment.

My intention was to provide a plausible solution for you in a rush since I had to leave for work.

Now that I have read (the right way :p)your comments I get what you're saying. You see I have two degrees in bio-medical sciences. The thing is that since your problem here is patho-physiological there's nothing you can do. At least nothing I know of...

I m curious though, whats up with you and 3D movies/games? How do you react to them?

Christopher1696d ago

***I m curious though, whats up with you and 3D movies/games? How do you react to them?***

I get intense headaches but otherwise see in 2D.

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ABizzel11697d ago

As @cgoodno said. Some people can see the difference, and some people can't. Everyones eyes are different, and those who can see a difference, perceive the image as smoother, fluent, and more fluid like (fluidity).

When you put 30fps and 60fps side by side for those people, 30fps seems choppy in comparison, and 60fps often seems faster, because it's running 2x the frames.

However, for those who can see the difference it just doesn't seem like much is going on. However, 60fps also aids latency, thus controls so even if they can't see the difference, they can feel the difference in how the game controls.

svoulis1697d ago

Amen brotha, bubble up for that :D

snookiegamer1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Going by the Digital Foundry comparison I saw on youtube last night. You will see the differences clear enough.

To save you the time.....

Xbox One frequently dips to around 26fps in busy scenes, and maintains 30fps for most of the comparison. Whereas PS4 dips to around 45-60fps depending on how busy scenes are. PS4 seemed to maintain 60fps for most of the comparison.

Go see it for yourself, and if you're still in denial you're just a fanboy.

IRNMUNKEY1696d ago

So Xbox drops about 3-4 frames occasionally and ps4 varies by up to 30fps according to Digital Foundry.

Hmmmm I wonder which would seem more stable?

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