Largest Battle in EVE history breaks records

Derek 'Digi' McRoberts says "I had the fortune to spend some time recently with a good friend of mine, David aka Xander Pheona from, one of the biggest eve online sites. The fervour with which he talked about the game he has committed so many hours/days/months to rekindled my intrigue of this strange, brutal and what seems unforgiving world."

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DigitalHope1629d ago

I have been an EVE player for the last 5 years. I have taken a break since I got my PS4 and had to start a new job, but reading this really makes me want to log in again.

Although I would never take part in this kind of battle, I now miss the tears of ganking people in wormhole space.

Oh EVE you are a cruel mistress.

Sethry1011629d ago

Well you can give up now, all eve is going to become now is one giant Mittens RMT empire.

DigitalHope1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Meh, I'm sure CCP won't stand for that, but regardless I live deep deep into WH Space. The doing of Null Sec has little effect on me.