Square Enix announces Dragon Sky

Square Enix just announced a teaser site for their new mobile game Dragon Sky. Judging from the site, the game is still a ways away from being ready, but boy does it look beautiful.

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TheLyonKing1630d ago

less mobile please Square :)

Godmars2901629d ago

They apparently made a lot of money from one, enough to positively effect their stocks, so no. There will be more...

KonsoruMasuta1629d ago

You're asking Square to drop one of the biggest markets in Japan?

I don't care if they release mobile games. As long as they keep console releasing coming. People don't seem to understand that they have multiple studios and development teams that are specialized in this area directly. It's not like they're pulling developers off of your favorite game and making them work on mobile games.

Bleucrunch1629d ago

So then market it in Japan and not in the over here then...They FLOPPED so hard last gen I can't take them seriously like I used to in the past. Last gen I believe they produced only two final fantasy games...and they were part of the same story. I guess the best way to describe squeenix is inept.

Bleucrunch1629d ago

My gosh what has happened to this once great company man....It's almost as if they intentionally want to piss off their loyal games...really squeenix....really??? I want square enix back...the folks from the PS2 days with games like Radiata Stories (OMG I LOVED THAT GAME) and Star Ocean...these Squeenix folks man...who the hell is in charge over there???

KonsoruMasuta1629d ago

You do know that they were making mobile games back in the PS2 days, right?

Look up Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7.
It was a prequel to Final Fantasy 7 that was exclusive to mobile platforms. Only reason why nobody has heard of it was because it was only in Japan.

They've been doing this for longer than you think.

Miss_Vixen1629d ago

The once great company you mentioned back in the psone era & semi ps2 era was SquareSoft. Not Square Enix.

Bleucrunch1628d ago

@xenocea you right are right!

dedicatedtogamers1629d ago

Mobile game after mobile game, and yet no announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 for release in the West...

DragonKnight1629d ago

It's not going to happen. It could if they would just remove the frickin' song that prevents it from happening, but they're not going to.

This is SE man. They made 3 Lightning games. 3. They don't care.

zero_gamer1629d ago

Square-Enix's future is on mobile. They lost much of their faithful fans on consoles as a result of their long series of poor business decisions, so instead of trying to win us back, they moved on to another market.

Likewise, I moved on to NIS, Namco and Atlus for my RPG needs. I couldn't look back.

Hicken1629d ago

The most likely way that'll happen is if Sony, themselves, put some pressure on Square-Enix.

Which, honestly, I don't see why they don't do. Type-0 would definitely move Vitas, so I don't see why Sony wouldn't want that.

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godofboobees1629d ago

Getting real tired of your shit squareenix

zero_gamer1629d ago

Move on man, nothing can be done about it. They found a new market willing to put up with their business. They lost much of their original fanbase and they know it.

I moved on to other RPG developers and couldn't look back. I am very happy without FF.

nope1111629d ago


bryam19821629d ago

fok u square give us real games (no ff 13 is not a real game ff 13 is trash)

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