New Image Shows Comparison Between Source Engine 1.0 vs 2.0

GearNuke: "It was no secret that Valve was developing Source Engine 2.0. It was also confirmed that the are remaking the maps of Left 4 Dead 2 in Source Engine 2.0, as a way to test the potential of the new engine. Now a new image has appeared online that shows the comparison between the old Left 4 Dead Plantation map vs the remade map in Source Engine 2.0."

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Visiblemarc1632d ago

Yes, but critics are split on the new meta-direction the series takes as players spend most in-game time playing a mini-game on Gordon Freeman's PC, shopping for insane deals on last year's best AAA games. Another mini-game sees the player going onto virtual game forums and telling people they should "hurry up and get the deals now while they can" while reminding them to "never buy games for full price."

b163o11632d ago

Was I the only person disappointed there was only one comparison shot??

kB01632d ago

Joke is over played

HarryB1632d ago

I dont understand what the hold up is. People want to play the story line more than anything. If they released half life ep 3 on the same old engine it would of been fine. I just want to know what happens next.

hkgamer1632d ago

I disagree, well I agree with people just wanting to play the game at the moment. But if it was released on the old engine then a few people may be disappointed because it may have looked too similar to the original.

elhebbo161632d ago

Graphics aside, I hope that Source 2 revamps the physics introduced in the first one with HL2 and takes it to the next level.

kB01632d ago

The physics from Half life 2 used Havok as a source though:P It wasn't just valve that helped bring it to life.

It still looks good at times though:)

ATi_Elite1632d ago

Graphics Smaphics!

This is The Source Engine 2.0 we are talking about! Who cares about graphics?


Source Engine and it's wonderful physics plus complex A.I. tree really pushed video games so I'm Excited to see what goodies Valve has hidden within it's new Engine.

(Yes STALKER's A-Life A.I. pretty much crushed all A.I. but Source Engine had some darn good A.I. at release)

shoot a piece of wood and splinters fly everywhere causing damage would be asuper nice improvement.

Improved Physics and A.I. is most important to me now a days as Graphics will only impress me once Ray Tracing hits.

JohnnyTower1632d ago

Good lawdy that looks good. Wouldn't mind seeing it in motion though. This could be valves year; steam OS, steamboxes, and now if they could launch this engine, forgettaboutit!!

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