What happened to Black Tusk's "highly ambitious" new IP?

Yesterday Microsoft announced that it had bought the Gears of War franchise and that its wholly-owned developer Black Tusk Studios had been put to task working on it. So what's happened to Black Tusk's previous project?

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GraveLord1701d ago

It got shelved for the development of the easy bet, Gears of War 4. Microsoft is just unwilling to invest in new IP.

Forza, Fable, Halo, Gears....REPEAT. This is Microsofts plan, if it appeals to you, have fun with your Xbox One.

-Foxtrot1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I think it's still there somewhere but after buying Gears or the run up to it (it's a long process after all) they decided to put the new IP on the back burner with a very small team and get Gears of War 4 out for late next year.

Hey I might be wrong but knowing what MS are like getting Gears of War 4 out is a safe bet for them and a more familiar franchise in hopes to boost sales.

If they were so bothered about supporting recent IPs then they would of got Remedy to do Alan Wake 2 and had faith in them instead of most likely telling them to do a new IP to see if they can gain more sales.

"Forza, Fable, Halo, Gears, few Indie games, timed exclusive stuff...and odd new IP every so often"


erathaol1700d ago

They did say the New IP was a separate entity and will still be worked on, than an article stated that they have been in development for the next Gears for over a year.

I'm wondering, if Black Tusk was making a good TPS that has Gears mechanics and Microsoft looked at it, said, "This looks like Gears, why don't we buy Gears of War and reshape this game to be Gears of 'Original Project Title'?"

Its a long shot of course but occasionally one wonders about the background actions of a company.

truefan11700d ago

Don't bother trying to explain yourself to Ps4 gamers, why they are so concerned is beyond me. More of them show up on xbox articles than they show up on infamous articles. I would await confirmation before making judgements. I would be the first to admit doing away that ambitious title would be a stupid move, especially considering that e3 trailer, concept or not it looked awesome.

georgeenoob1700d ago

It's still being developed. They're working on multiple projects. Just cause they're working on Gears too doesn't mean they're abandoning their new IP.

GameNameFame1700d ago

There is long rumour of Black Tusk new IP having "quality issues"

Obviously they shelved that for Gears.

But MS is putting Black Tusk who has poor or little track record with rumours of quality issues on the top franchise?

This is going to be worse than when Bungie gave Halo to 343.

Mainsqueeze1700d ago

This is super disappointing news if true. So tired of the game industry right now. Was hoping for a bunch of new IPs with the new generation of consoles.

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nick3091701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Quantum break, titanfall, disagree with you & im not even gnna list the rest, google if u want

da_2pacalypse1700d ago

lol titanfall is not a microsoft developed game. it's a third party. And Quantum break is just a safe bet in the television/game genre that microsoft seems to be pushing so much towards.

Back on topic, I'm calling this now: MS will alternate each year for Halo and gears of war titles. Halo one year, gears the next. It will be a bi-annual release. They're going to milk them to hell.

twdll1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I'm looking forward to Titanfall, Quantam Break, and even Spark on Xbox One. They all should be pretty cool. I have played exclusives on all recent consoles, and as much as people complain about this or that, fact is that most people would like to play ANY exclusive... Either console. PS4 fanboys complain about xbox's, and vice versa. Get over it, they are both going to have great titles that should be fun. Screw 1080 vs. 720, and this teraflop or that amount of memory, it's about FUN. Period. Have a kickass day!

dcbronco1700d ago


Not MS developed, buy financially supported by MS. So the idea that MS doesn't invest in new IP is wrong. It's obvious they do. I'm sure Titanfall exclusivity was a huge investment.

Gabenbrah1701d ago

Let's just ignore, Ryse, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall.

da_2pacalypse1700d ago

Three of the games you mentioned are third party developed games. Microsoft is just publishing, not developing.

n4gamingm1700d ago Show
Riderz13371700d ago

How many of those are developed by Microsofts first party studio?

Get back to me when you find your answer.

PixelNinja1700d ago

@da_2pacalypse, just like how the original Gears of War trilogy was; Microsoft is still publishing.

PixelNinja1700d ago

@Riderz1337 Your logic is flawed, same can be said for Sony.:
Quantic Dream
Insomniac Games
Ready at Dawn
Bluepoint games

All work or have worked on Sony properties, but none are first party.

Axios21700d ago

So true

Exactly how is my enjoyment of a game affected by who developed it?

What a bunch of losers, flocking to X1 articles because that's where all the gaming news is

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maniacmayhem1701d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

D4, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Project Spark. Looks fun to me.


Who cares if they're 3rd party developed, MS still funded them and are publishing the games as exclusives to the Xbox One.

starchild1700d ago

Yeah, MS and Sony just have different approaches. Sony buys up the whole studio, while MS enters into publishing deals on a game by game, or franchise by franchise basis. Of course they both do a little of the opposite approach as well.

I think they both have advantages for the company, but personally I don't like the way Sony buys up studios and prevents that studio's games from ever being enjoyed on the PC or other consoles. It's the epitome of throwing your money around.

Prime1571700d ago

Just seems weird to hear someone saying Sony is throwing money around when comparing it to Microsoft.... lol

Throw your 17b worth, Microsoft's 50+b well never out throw, haha.

Not poking fun at you, I just had some mental images that made me laugh.

Gunstar751701d ago

Black tusk are not a small studio. They've been working on a new IP for some time. GOW is another project.

I'm looking forward to many of the "repeats" as you call 'em.

I've been so busy playing KI that most of the other good xb1 launch games have been left wanting... A great launch.

Eonjay1700d ago

This isn't their first project to get shelved. See: Project Columbia. Microsoft wants a Gears and thats what they are going to get.

n4gamingm1700d ago

they responded yesterday already there studios pretty big they have this and there unannounced game check.

Angainor71700d ago

Are you high?

Xbox One Exclusives (including new IPs):

2)Gears Of War
3)Quantum Break
5)Dead Rising
6)Alan Wake
7)Forza Motorsport
9)Sunset Overdrive
11)Project Spark

why don't you just go to bed instead of repeating what the fanboys of each side say. Base your logic on facts. Now if the above games aren't your style it's normal and subjective. Play your games and we'll play ours. Simple as that.

bennissimo1700d ago

Uncharted, GOW, Gran Turismo, Killzone... REPEAT.

They're called franchise games for a reason.

Anyway, Quantum Break, Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive are wholly new IPs. Throw in the mere possibility of a next-gen Crackdown, and you have a console worth getting. And that's before the mention of the "horrid" Halo and Gears...

christocolus1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )


Why you jumped in first to post that comment is beyond me especially when its obvious you want nothing to do with the console. Are Qb,sunset overdrive,project spark Titanfall and d4 sequels too?...smh

On topic: I think xbx fans need to stop reading too much into this,we know all ms studios are working on multiple projects 343i, lionhead, turn10, rare ,blacktusk etc but so far its obvious Phil has only revealed one game for each studio halo5,fable legends, forza5, kinect sports rivals and now gears of war.

Phil will announce something regarding that franchise, may be same time with the other unannounced projects in development by the other studios, and from his comments it seems gears of war was already far into development before the ip was acquired and if true it makes sense to finish up gears before unveiling the other ip..

Blacktusk has gone far into development of that ip and in a recent interview phil even went as far as saying the studio was working with ms research on some innovative gameplay mechanics. it isnt dead guys.gears of war might just have been farther along in development. It will definitly be announced..hoping Phil sheds more light on this before e3 though.

Automatic791700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

@ Gravelord

Having Forza, Halo, Fable, Gears added to Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Kinect Sports, Fantasia Music Evolved, Plants vs Zombies, Killer Instinct, D4, Below, DeadRising 3, RYSE already is a solid lineup. Mix in all 3rd party titles Xbox One has a great future.

Note: Rare will be creating a new IP, 343 has another IP, Japan studios has an unnamed IP, Undead Labs, Press Play all these companies will be creating excellent experiences. Give the Xbox one time you might enjoy these games.


I say it never existed at all...

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Walker1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

that just was a demo teaser not an actual game ! shame on you MS !

lifeisgamesok1701d ago

I can see it being worked on alongside Gears but just put on the backburner and that's fine Gears is awesome

JohnnyTower1701d ago

Sometimes new is awesome. I would be disappointed if they didn't have a new IP in the works.

4logpc1701d ago

That studio is huge. Im sure it will be shown off this year, and released in 2015, since Halo will be this year, followed by gears 4 in 2016.

TOGC1701d ago

It was confirmed that it was just a concept for the studio...

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