How to glitch above the ceiling in Operation Metro (Battlefield 4)

Operation Metro's ceiling glitch has made its way from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4. Here's how to do it. But don't do it.

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JoGam1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Freakin hate glitchers.

Hold up. Operation Metro is in Battlefield 4?

famoussasjohn1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Currently only on Xbox One, it's rumored to be coming to PC and other consoles soon, (Early Februaryish.) I hope DICE patched this before the others get it because it's annoying as hell.

JoGam1661d ago

Is it just Operation Metro or they also have other map coming from BF3?

Elit3Nick1661d ago

the second assault pack has metro, Operation Firestorm, Gulf of Oman and Caspian Border

famoussasjohn1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

JoGam - What Elit3Nick said. Here's also a video of the maps. -

Metro does indeed look awesome remade (play rush for the full offering of the map), but the B flag is still a PITA to get to if you spawn in the subway tunnels. I dislike Oman now with the sandstorm that comes in very quickly in the match. My favorites out of the bunch are Firestorm and Caspian border.

DJustinUNCHAIND1661d ago

Let's encourage people to glitch in a game already rife with bugs.

crusf1661d ago

Good now this will get patched even faster now

famoussasjohn1661d ago

It was never fully patched in BF3. Lets hope in BF4 they can fix it because it breaks the map even further.

Soldierone1661d ago

If I'm not mistaken you can't shoot anyone? I remember BF3 was annoying with it, because spawn points near the stairs would randomly throw you up there and eventually the entire team would get stuck and quit.

famoussasjohn1661d ago

There are areas where you can shoot through the ceiling. The holes in the ceiling above B can be shot through if you get up there in that area. I was playing a match and a good portion of our team were up there basically pushing the enemy team out.

meatnormous1661d ago

Can people be voted out of games? We always voted people out in socom 1 and 2 for glitching.

Soldierone1661d ago

I'm honestly amazed this feature is so rare still.

(In the new socoms you can vote kick too. I believe if you team killed it would auto start voting. Otherwise if you vote someone out, another person on the team would have to agree before it went to vote)

meatnormous1661d ago

I didn't spend too much time with the new socoms, for obvious reasons. I do wish more games would allow a vote on who stays and who leaves.

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