War of the Vikings after "the best combat experience possible" | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "We caught a word (or two) with Fatshark's Gordon Van Dyke at a recent event, and the War of the Vikings executive producer was, as always, happy to discuss the game and the development process. During the extensive interview, we talk about killing archers, Early Access and much, much more."

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urwifeminder1631d ago

Love War of the roses I played a little of this in beta seemed a bit faster great games recommend.

ATi_Elite1631d ago

War of the Roses was good but Chivalry Medieval Warfare was just so much better and had better support.

BUT I will check out War of the Viking s and hopefully improvements are made.

With Modern Combat as Generic as ever it's so good to play Medieval and or Melee based FPS games.

Overgrowth anyone?