One Feature for 2014: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

GoodGameBro writes, "With 2014 underway and software developers hard at work on the sports video games that will see release in the coming calendar year, we sat down to focus on “One Feature for 2014” which would make an improvement for each of the major franchises.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil has a significant expectation ahead of it, as it hopes to live up to the near-universal acclaim which was heaped upon 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa when it was released on the last generation of consoles.

For the coming year’s game, here’s what we hope the team has focused on in development."

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Palitera1628d ago

That World Cup game indeed had the best atmosphere in any football game I've played.

pompombrum1628d ago

It feels like so much has changed in the last four years though. I bet EA put minimal focus on the actual world cup modes and instead have a world cup dream team mode or something where they can emphasize Micro-transactions and put most of their resources making this mode the most appealing.

quaneylfc1628d ago

It should be a small dlc for fifa 14 instead of a full game. one to put a skin over the look of the game, tweaks to the game and new stadiums, kits and balls.