Xbox Live sale offering discounts of up to 75% on select EA games

A new Xbox Live Marketplace sale is offering discounts of up to 75% on select EA games that include major titles like FIFA 14, Need For Speed Rivals and NHL 14, all of which have had their price cut to £24.99 / $29.99.Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space are available for less than £5 each, Price of Mass Effect 3′s Citadel and Genesis 2 DLC packs have also been slashed.

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Bdub20001697d ago

Where's the love for x1 owners?

Khimarhi1697d ago

Crimson Dragon is 25% off on Xbox One this week.

nukeitall1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Ohh, ME3 DLC discounts.

Gonna get some!

As far as I can tell no interresting games from EA on Xbox One or PS4 for me.

Funky Town_TX1697d ago

The xmas sales are better. I got NCAA 14 for $15.

ExPresident1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Good for the people that haven't bought em yet.

I deleted my previous text entry because it was merely anger at EA for BF4 and didn't deserve a post in this thread.

N4GJD1697d ago

EA must be sleeping with Microsoft, and for cheap too!

n4gamingm1697d ago

got witcher 2 for 9 bucks and dark souls for 4 bucks, had to fire up my dusty 360