Gomo Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Gomo has lost his beloved dog. It was stolen by an alien, who's demanding a specific item in exchange for the pet's safe return. Now he's got to travel across a strange, sometimes charming, sometimes creepy cartoon landscape to get him back.

Gomo's world is a sepia-toned dreamscape full of bizarre creatures and strange industrial complexes that contain astonishingly convoluted rock-crushing machinery. Although it's generally a friendly and endearing place, there's the occasional little splash of nightmare; a dog-sized spider crawls across a pipe above a sleeping worker, giant robots fight with tanks on a hillside and our hero is swallowed by a giant worm, and must escape from its insides like a tiny Jonah. It's never frightening, but there's a slight edge to the game's seemingly benign world which stops things from becoming too cutesy".

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