Former Sony Dev Comments On Outlast's Missing Platinum Trophy, Explains How Trophy Allocation Works

GearNuke: "Outlast trophy list has been made available online and unfortunately, the game lacks a platinum trophy. This came as a surprise to a lot of users since it has been shown that games that are much shorter in scope can get platinum trophy like Resogun and Hotline Miami. A former Sony developer has clarified how trophies are allocated for a game, explaining that it all depends on a specific set of rules."

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yazter1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Then why does't Warframe have it?

Why does Terminator Salvation have it but not Ducktales Remastered?

They just should scrap the platinum-less trophy list concept altogether and do what MS does*; make an (actually) full Trophy list a requirement (i.e. with a plat)?

I always bought games based on the principle of "No plat = no sale."

* (what MS does now is require a 1000G achievement list on ALL new games now)

Ultr1574d ago

No plat=no sale

Wow :D

How about fun=fun?

SnakeCQC1574d ago

Yeah exactly; trophies haven't meant anything to me in some time. Seriously are people bnuying games just for trophies or to enjoy the story and gameplay etc

yazter1574d ago

How about my money = my choice?

Ultr1574d ago

Yeah but I also have fun collecting trophys, but I don't need that plat.
Wanna take away the fun from me :( ;)

yazter1574d ago

When did I say I wanted to take the fun away for you?

Delive1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I'm never going to have time to play every fun game. That said, there is something special about earning trophies. Best thing ever? No, but they do provide a sense of accomplishment. When your done with that game, you take the accomplishment with you, unlike in game unlocks. When a game is that fun, hunting the platinum is more worthwhile than trying to get every plat possible because they exist. So, 3 equally fun games, 1 with a platinum, 1 with trophies and no plat and 1 with no trophies at all. That is the order of preference for me. I only speak for myself.

KrisButtar1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I buy games that I think will be fun but IF I'm unsure about the title that I'm looking at.

I use "No plat=no sale" as a general rule of thumb. Games without them just seem like standalone DLCs and don't have much to them. I use a platinum trophy to gauge the price, quality, overall scope of the game, how much effort when into the game, etc. With a platinum trophy I see more value in a game than one without and that is what goes into my decision, only if I'm unsure with the title to begin with.

tehpees31574d ago

I agree with you Erudito. I can understand how the obsession works as I was once one of the guilty people plowing through games but eventually I felt burned out on them. I was neglecting games I really enjoyed just for more platinums. I now only hunt them down in games I really enjoy as they became somewhat of a "chore" to me.

I used to love the concept but over time I have began to see the dark sides to it. And there are more than you think. I could not leave Force Unleashed or RE5 without the 100% filled in for the DLC. Having the platinum on RE5 just bugged me all the more because it felt unfinished.

That is why I stopped.

k2d1574d ago

We're not here to have fun. We're here to work. ;)

guitarded771574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I play games with or without trophies, but it's always better with trophies and I'd prefer a deeper trophy system for some games like Outlast and Warframe.

I just Platinumed Tearaway a while back, and the game was great without trophies... but the trophies made me go back and search every nook and cranny... they made me challenge myself. Without the trophies, I would never have done, or even known to do some of that stuff.

I'm sick of the "who cares about trophies" argument. If you really don't care, then do the rest of us a favor and STFU and and don't care to yourself. Sony has an open policy of listening to gamers and their requests, so if some want to voice their opinion in hopes that changes will be made, then let them do so without ridicule.

Just because someone is a trophy hunter, it doesn't mean they're not playing for fun. Yes, some take it to an OCD extreme, but the system is there for them to do that if they want.

EDIT: I'd also like to see trophies on PS Mobile, PS1, PS2 and PSP digital titles. Maybe Gaikai will bring those changes.

EDIT 2: The article talks about Resogun having a platinum, and the length of a game determining platinum status by Sony. Thing about Resogun is you can sit and easily beat the game in one sitting. So I think Sony needs to open the criteria for platinum status to outside devs.

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HebrewHammer1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Because WarFrame is still in beta technically - same reason Blacklight doesn't have any.

Also, which one of these games would you even have to buy? WarFrame is free-to-play and Outlast is free for PS+ subscribers. lol

guitarded771574d ago

Warframe got trophies with the last patch... I think it was last week. There is no platinum though. Under 20 trophies if I remember correctly. It really could use a platinum with its long term playability.

I wish Sony had a more open trophy system like Steam. Some steam games hove over 100 achievements. Sony should raise the cap from 50ish. Or have 50 particular trophies to plat, then bonus trophies.

I'd also like to see them remove online trophies from the plat requirements. SOCOM 4's MP died last night, so not I could never plat the game if I wanted.

Lamigol101574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

What a strange philosophy ! ""No plat = no sale."
Each to their own I suppose but I'm curious .. how old are you ? Did you play games before the introduction of trophies?
I personally don't care for trophies .. they seem like a gimmick to me.
Not criticising .. just find it strange that you would potentially miss out on a great game because it didn't provide a pat on the back for your efforts.

TheLeapist1574d ago

Don't you mean a "plat on the back"?

That's it for me! Have a good night everyone!

R3ddBuddah1574d ago

Warframe does not have a platinum, what are you talking about?

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GentlemenRUs1574d ago

Thank goodness, I don't play games for trophies anyway... Also now I don't have to ~bleep~ me pants over and over again.

bub161574d ago

Bs! Resogun can be completed in an hour lol so game length can't come into it!

Akuma071574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

You don't understand what he is talking about. The scope of a game is not how long it takes to complete the main quest.

Also, don't play Resogun on easy lol. Not fun that way.

Ultr1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Resogun has leaderboards and different difficulties, different ships and stages.
So to play through all that it will take some time.
Maybe Outlast is more like Journey/flow/flower.
Wich you play for 2-3-4 hours and finish it, and have to collect nothing, no need to go back only if you liked the game.
I understand that.
You guys are missing on some awesome games

isa_scout1574d ago

I know what you're saying, but it's still weird. I got the plat for Resogun and it only took me about 2 or 3 hours. Now by comparison, I played Deathspank on my PS3 for about 20 hours to get all %100 of the trophies and there was no plat to earn, and that game was a freakin RPG.
So I def think there is something bigger at work here than simple math. All I'm saying is that if DeathSpank doesn't have a plat then there is no way in hell Resogun should have one either.

dc11574d ago

The platinum requirements can not be obtained in one hour nor without fantastic skill.

isa_scout1574d ago

Who are you talking to and what game are you talking about? Just curious...

dc11574d ago

@ isa_scout
Hey man, Sorry for the confusion.

My comment was directed at Bub16. The game in question is/was Resogun.

ipach1574d ago

not even possible in an hour; you need to beat the game like 3-4 times at the very minimum for the plat; and each playthrough to the end probably takes at ~40-50 minutes assuming no death...

ipach1574d ago

can't plat it in an hour though...

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UltimateMaster1574d ago

Wonder what the name of the trophy would have been called?
Left for Dead?

Megaton1574d ago

All games on PSN should have a Plat. It's a mark of completion. Small games can be completed, too.

Ultr1574d ago

Trophy is not just for completing a game, trophy is for people that just can't get enough and want to get everything developrs put into it for them.
Seems like there is just not enough content

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