GTA: San Andreas careens to Windows Phone but lacks Xbox Live

Way back in November Rockstar Games shocked all by saying they were bringing their mobile port of their hit game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to Windows Phones. This shocked us all because a lot of bigger developers skip out on porting to Windows Phones but Rockstar Games is a true bro!

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AnEwGuY1634d ago

Why would GTA:SA mobile have an XBL component, when the original console version didn't?

Mikefizzled1634d ago

Its not an Xbox game on the Windows Phone store which means things like Xbox achievements aren't available. I don't think they mean multiplayer.

AnEwGuY1634d ago

I KNOW they don't mean multiplayer...I'm asking why they'd expect an XBL component AT ALL, when the original had none. GTA:SA was made well before Achievements, stat tracking, leaderboards....ANY of those features. It's dumb for anyone to expect them to do more than a straight port, for a game that is 10 years old.

alexkoepp1634d ago

The growing popularity of windows mobile devices is paying off, this is great news!

1634d ago
Software_Lover1634d ago

Man,I wish it did. They need to release it for the W8 app store with achievements.