Dark Souls 2 – From Software’s Tanimura & Shibuya explain summoning, covenants & more OPM

OPM: Anyone who’s played Dark Souls knows the hard swallow that occurs on being briefed that someone with an intimidating PSN ID like Psycho_Punisher666 has invaded your world. You see that person’s glowing-red phantom sprinting across the map with Zweihander at the ready, hunting you like prey and closing on your position fast. No survival-horror game has matched the terror of the seconds leading up to that fateful clash.

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Palitera1695d ago

Argh! I can't resist anymore. First interview I'm gonna read about the game.

Palitera1695d ago

About the whole "AI can invade" new system, well, in Dark Souls it was already advertised and they already kind of did. Then again, they were more predefined Black Phantoms than random AI invaders. Could be different this time...

Tdmd1694d ago

Would be a interesting change of pace for offline players if it were random!