Japanese girl group gets their clothes ripped off in a Senran Kagura event

In an event held by Marvelous AQL, three new Senran Kagura games were announced. The Senran Kagura series is an action game about female ninjas or kunoichi and it involves plenty of fan service and clothing damage, so much so that when the three games were announced, Japanese idol group KNU experienced the game first hand by getting their own clothes ripped off.

The event was to promote three upcoming Senran Kagura games namely Deka Mori Senran Kagura for the PS Vita, Senran Kagura 2 Shinku and Senran Kagura Estival Versus. The gameplay for Deka Mori Senran Kagura and Senran Kagura 2 Shinku and as expected, it was filled with lots of fan service.

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rambi801183d ago

I was born in the wrong hemisphere...and my morals remain region-locked

Run_bare1183d ago

I'm with you, that's the funniest comment I read in awhile.

Anthotis1183d ago

I bet all the nancyboys and their feminist overlords are gonna crash tumblr because of this.

Baylex1182d ago

Watching the anime right now! I'ts just wonderful :D

MRMagoo1231183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

who lets a stupid moral get in the way of fun ? and who lets a silly hemisphere get in the way too?

Also i cant really say its morally wrong, I think we should be allowed to appreciate the amazing art work that is female bodies.

frostypants1183d ago

Would you be saying the same if it was a bunch of dudes getting stripped to promote Gears of War? I'm not saying this stuff is perverted...but it is stupid and aimed at guys who probably don't get much action.

Fishermenofwar1183d ago

**Corrected** female boobies

wolokowoh1182d ago

@frostpants Fair point but bad example. They are stripped down in real life because the women are sexualized in the game. Gears is being sold to heterosexual men. The games are like a bad Hemingway novel. The characters are testosterone filled men's men. As it turns out women aren't necessarily attracted to this. If was let's say God of War then the guy playing the part of Kratos should have no shirt on and look somewhat like Kratos. Not because of sexualization but for the context.

cleft51183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Jesus and the bible says not to judge other people, that judgement belongs to god. It is the self righteous morons of this world that run around thinking they have the right to condemn other adults for engaging in legal, consenting activities. So please, lets not put this on Jesus.

KevinCubes1183d ago

Stop trolling for publicity

SilentNegotiator1183d ago


Raresteak's sarcasm just SOARED over your head, didn't it?

Irishguy951183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Jesus christ! Raresteak was being sarcastic. Who believes in that **** anyway?


That's right, if their tits aren't hanging below the knees they're 'flat' right? kids these days...sigh

JodyCones1183d ago

@cleft5 yes I agree with you. But Jesus actually stated "judge not less you be judged.. take the spec out of your own eye before taking the log out of your brothers." Meaning, not too judge hypocritically. So the claim, "you 'ought not judge" from someone is ultimately self-defeating; it contradicts itself. Because some one could say- "Why are you judging me, for judging?" Haha yes I know.. But Jesus actually gave commands on "how" to judge and to not do it hypocritically- not holding your head high above others boasting in your pride, but to help others humbly. It's impossible to not make judgments, we make them everyday. But I understood your statement, and agreed. I've just studied this so I thought I'd bring it up hahaha. Sorry.

GrandTheftZamboni1183d ago

Jesus didn't have problems with easy women. He had problems with clergy.

Conzul1183d ago

Not to be "that guy" @jodycones, but you got the log and spec thing backwards. Correct otherwise.

Also Jesus never said anything about nudity. Closest thing was that if someone starts looking at someone else and fantasizing that they were acting adulterously together, then that's just as bad as if it really happened.

There are people who believe that human attraction and the human form are sinful. We call these people Puritans, and they are EVERYWHERE.

JodyCones1182d ago

@Conzul No actually I stated that perfectly. You should re-read the text again in the Bible. That's exactly how it's paraphrased. But you're right, I'm not justifying nudity. But it's only wrong if there is lust in the heart, which Jesus states is the same as committing adultery physically. Not attration/beauty. The Bible states the woman you love, you need attraction to her breast in order for you to stay loyal. Lust is totally different which takes your heart away from God and to flesh only which is not of God. I could go on hours about this. But good point.

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cyguration1183d ago

It's a good thing that for some of us, the only thing between our morals and the right hemisphere... is a zipper.

MeknSence1183d ago

^^^^Now that's funny right ther!!

Akuma2K1183d ago

Lmaooooo....i'm rolling over here from these comments.

WickedLester1183d ago

Mind = BLOWN!

LOLOLOLOL!!!!! Bubbles for you!

TBONEJF1183d ago

I was born in the wrong nationality

Mr Pumblechook1182d ago

I like this Asian style of marketing!

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H4all1183d ago

My heart is always japanese :P

chrissx1183d ago ShowReplies(2)
Statix1183d ago

Nothing to see here, folks.

badz1491183d ago

nothing?? nothing at all?? and you call yourself a man? or are you a girl? if yeah, then...Hi! :-)

MuhammadJA1183d ago

Horny weeaboos disagree with you.

ninjahunter1183d ago

One does not simply Weeaboo without horns.

Chrono1183d ago

But unlike the Senran Kagura girls, their chests are almost flat.

mhunterjr1183d ago

Are we looking at the same photographs?

badz1491183d ago


OMG, you still think the earth is flat?

wolokowoh1182d ago

Lol The Senrun Kagura girls have DD's to E's. Backs to reality C's and B's are not almost flat. That'd be the lower A's.