Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Is Coming To PlayStation Vita

Dengeki PlayStation reports a port of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is in the works for PlayStation Vita. Ataraxia takes place after Fate/Stay Night which was was re-released for Vita in late 2012

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vergilxx31697d ago

And as the first game it will never reach EU

sypher1697d ago

If we pester Sony enough or a company like NIS/idea factory it just might happen!

Hicken1697d ago

I dunno. No one's messed with TypeMoon's games so far(which is a real shame). Well, I think ATLUS published Unlimited Codes and/or Extra for PSP. But it seems no one wants to officially localize even F/SN, which is depressing because it's an amazing game.

In any case, I really hope this comes west, as I've wanted to play it ever since I beat the first game.

PoSTedUP1697d ago

ive played fate/extra on psp (half of it still in my backlog), is it the same story? im currently power RPGin' it atm (legend of mana ps1 for the first time, blade dancer psp first time) looking for another ps1 game, but am going to finsh fate/extra aswell in prep for this one (if needed).

xfear2diex1697d ago

it,s looks like there no way to play this for me
ok guys tell me when it get localized(if i was alive by then)