Battlefield 4 YouTube Personality Speaks Out, Responds to EA Advertising “Scandal”

MP1st - Last week, news of EA paying influential YouTube personalities to advertise their games, including Battlefield 4, broke out, causing quite a stir in the relationship between video producers and their followers, not to mention the ties between EA and its fans.

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pompombrum1697d ago

ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR! Seriously though, I have never expected any kind of ethical behaviour from EA anyway, if it makes $$$, they couldn't care less.

Mr Pumblechook1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

LevelCapGamer should know when to hold his hands up. He says that his (positive) opinion of Battlefield 4 was genuine so he didn't feel the need to disclose he was being paid by EA!

However whether his opinion of the game is genuine or not is irrelevant. He violated the trust of his viewers by not telling them he was paid for his editorial stance.

Advertising can help fund the business of games reporting however there must always be a clear line between advertising and editorial. Any company willingly tricks their readers/viewers should be named and shamed then shutdown.

venom061697d ago

yeah and Activision is all that different right??? nope, not at al.. GTFO..

swishersweets200311697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I remember each of them when they made those promo vids for EA to make money on they all were saying "no way am i being paid by EA/Dice to say this." Caught in a lie right there.

If you watch those promo vids they talk about how great the netcode, the levolution, the hit detection, No lag, No rubber banding, loving all the maps, loving all the weapons.

Then you watch their current videos after they got paid from EA, that now they don't like the maps, now they complain about the bugs and glitches as well as all the other stuff, the amount of weapons, the gadgets you name it.

So for him to sit and say, well everything i said was truthful and not a paid responds.. well then what exactly are you trying to say now with your current videos? He's just contradicting everything he said in the positive paid for vids with his now negative vids.

So screw these guys they deserve the backlash they got.

With their influence on the BF community they helped EA sell a broken game to the public. Knowing full well the game had alot of issues. Instead of having integrity they took the big payout to keep their mouths shut when the game first came out for the first month and a half. After they collected the check then they started to tell their fanbase more truthful accounts of the game.

Parasyte1697d ago

Did you ever stop and think that they were being shown a build of the game in a completely controlled environment with little to no flaws before they made those promos? Apparently not because this is not an unheard of practice.

The version of the game that they played before they filmed those promos most likely functioned far differently in an extremely controlled setting than it does out in the real world.

swishersweets200311697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

No they had the full retail game, they said that in their videos as well.

When EA was doing their promo tour, that's when they were shown early builds plus many other people. They were making vids on the promo tour when they got previewed parecel storm. That is not what they were paid for. They made their basic money flow from their Adsense youtube stuff like normal.

The stuff they got paid by EA for was when they had the retail copies early. They made the promo vids for EA a few days before the game launched to the public. They knew what they had and they kept their mouths shut for almost a month after the game was launched.

All he's doing now with his open letter is trying to cover his ass to save face.

Parasyte1697d ago

Sir, the video that they made used video captured from a version of the game that was given to them to play by EA/DICE at a Live event in a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. They say that the footage in those videos was captured during an event that EA/DICE invited them to.

A multiplayer game will function far differently in a LAN setting than it will if you were playing it at home on an average player's internet connection.

Again, extremely controlled environment. Activision/Treyarch/Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/Tits McGee do it with CoD at their events.

As I said, it is not an uncommon practice. This whole hubbub is most likely a witch hunt perpetrated by individuals such as yourself that are looking for a reason to hate these YouTubers/EA/DICE.

TheSaint1696d ago

It was a controlled LAN set up with restricted weaponry, so no lag, no net code issues, only good weapons, so good game and that's by your standards of poorness.

N311V1697d ago

Whenever a company is paying someone to talk about a game there is a potential conflict of interest. Even if EA (for example) did not ask contractors to speak positively about a game most will feel obliged to do so or will do so because they want to be paid for their service in the future. Sponsors need to be disclosed at the beginning if a video or at least in the video description so that the public are aware of any potential conflicts of interest.

swishersweets200311697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

That right there is why i think it's called the FCC is going after them. They never disclosed they were being paid by EA. I mean just go back and watch they flat out say In no way we are being paid by EA to say this stuff.

Before all this stuff broke out, i was scratching my head on all these guys current videos. Thinking to myself gee the things they say now are so night and day compared to what they were saying then.

Then you see all this stuff breaks out for the public to know. Then now i'm sitting back going... ooooo now i get why.

OpinionSmasher1697d ago

What has happened and probably will keep happening to youtube sickens me. I remember when i was a kid i wanted to be a youtuber just because i loved games but now all that people see is money and google only made it worse.

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