Gamerzines | Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review - 'Fighting Convention'

GamerZines writes:

Did you know that over the past three decades over 60 games based on Dragon Ball Z have been released for home consoles and handhelds? Even by Nintendo's standards that's a lot of games utilising the same set of characters and it'd be fair to assume that every imaginative idea that could've be done with this license has been, as it's been passed around dozens and dozens of different studios. Artdink, makers of the A-Train series, are the latest developer to try their hand at emulating/exploiting the adventures of Goku and co. for good game fodder and against all odds they've managed to produce something genuinely new.

Battle of Z is a multiplayer-centric Dragon Ball Z experience which is built from the ground-up to be played with others. This is the first game that allows four players to form their own dream team from Akira Toriyama's universe in sixty missions loosely based on events from the series or in matches against other four-man teams in competitive online multiplayer. No matter how long you've been playing DBZ games that's an exciting proposition, but unfortunately Artdink has made way too many concessions with this iconic universe to accommodate their brand of generic class-based multiplayer.

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