Amazon console to be launched this year, priced 300$

VideoGamer Portugal: It's no secret that Amazon is producing game console based on the Android operating system, similar to what competitors like Nvidia or Ouya Shield had done over the past few days.

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kneon1573d ago

To make money perhaps?

clmstr1573d ago

I don't think that a $300 Android-based console is a good way to make money.

levian1573d ago

I just don't see the need. If people want android gaming, which is essentially smartphone games, they could just hook up their phone to the TV and use a controller.

The Ouya definitely didn't succeed and personally I don't think there's demand for an android console.

erathaol1573d ago

What a strange console generation this is SteamOS, Nintendo faltering, Oculus Rift, Playstation Now, Microsoft pushing Cloud, etc...

zippycup1573d ago

maybe they think that since $800 smart phones sell so good then a $300 would be cheap by comparison

nukeitall1572d ago

In the end, it is the content and features that will win consumers over. How many $500 iPads does Apple sell every year?

ikkokucrisis1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

So, I gotta pay $300 touch my tv screen to play angry birds now? Bad move Amazon

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dedicatedtogamers1573d ago

Too many consoles...

We're going to have a repeat of the early 90s where a ton of companies jumped into console gaming and therefore a ton of companies went nearly bankrupt. With the console market likely to shrink slightly, I think we're going to have yet another "market leader" generation where one console vastly outsells the other. Let's face it: when there are too many choices on the market, people tend to simply pick the most popular one.

SilentNegotiator1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I would agree *IF* this weren't just another Android console. But the android consoles are ultimately not getting much love and the PS4/Xbone are setting records - At this rate, PS4 will take the lead, but it won't be a complete lone market leader situation.

The 7th generation was a very evenly distributed generations in sales: ~80m, ~80m, ~100m. And if I'm not mistaken, 260 million pieces of hardware is better than any generation before it; they were pronouncing consoles in danger of the mobile market since 2007, so I'm not worried about the console market shrinking.

nukeitall1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I think the "market leader" is likely to be Amazon. Amazon succeeded in pushing out Nook in a crowded Android tablet market.

Remember, Amazon actually has an ecosystem that "matters". They successfully convinced me to get a Kindle Fire by giving free apps, cheap ebooks with convenient access on all devices and music with their mp3 cloud.

In short, being able to access Amazon Prime movies, music, games and even books on a fixed hardware from Amazon is very appealing especially if they allow Netflix and other content providers. In a years or two, that $300 console will be $100!

Neither MS nor Sony will be able to compete on price, so they will have to compete on AAA games.

I think indies will flock to the Amazon console the same way the hype for Ouya happen. What is killing Ouya is not having the resource muscle of Amazon and the actual quality of the hardware.

schlanz1573d ago

$300 seems too high for an android console. The Ouya was $100 and bombed. Obviously Amazon can market their system much more effectively. But the Wii U is also $300 and I think you would be hard pressed to find a gamer out there that would rather drop $300 on an android console opposed to a Nintendo console. Also the kindle fires starts at $140, I would have to imagine not including a display on a device cuts down on mfg costs considerably. I would expect an Amazon console to end up in the $150-180 range and not much higher.

MadMen1573d ago

Im all about competition only helps us and our wallets.

SlavisH21573d ago

lol if you need him to explain you need to go to school not to n4g.

muffinbutton1571d ago

I was confused because their wasn't a comma and i wanted to know exactly what he meant, thats all.

famoussasjohn1573d ago

Mobile games aren't competing with games we are getting on the Xbox One and PS4. Keep the mobile games on the mobile devices, not on a console, especially at that price.

bigfish1573d ago

After the success of the PS4,, no other company should even contemplate launching a console

starchild1573d ago

What success? You act like it's the end of the generation, when in fact we're really just barely beginning.
I could easily see Apple or Google or Samsung entering the market and beating Sony if they really decided to.

IcicleTrepan1573d ago

I think between the PS4 and the Xbox One, The Wii U and the incoming Steam machines, the console gaming space is pretty much all locked down.

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