Here’s what a virtual Seattle looks like on the PlayStation 4

GW: "What happens when you tell producers to develop and design a game based on the city they live in? Pure awesomeness — at least based on the new trailer out for Infamous: Second Son."

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FamilyGuy1662d ago

That video, the... everything looks gorgeous.
The water puddles, reflections, shadows, lighting, cars.
Prettiest open-world game I've ever seen, so much detail.

xHeavYx1662d ago

I'm excited that the game is played in my city, little touches like the elephant car wash sign (I wonder if it rotates) are great.

sipale1662d ago

It does rotate :D see this awesome dev diary for yourself!

vudu1662d ago

I wonder if the little touches include the crackheads that hang out at Denny park a block away from the Pink Elephant...

MRMagoo1231662d ago

I hope so otherwise my business goes down the drain /jk I live in Australia so i have no clue if what you say is true really is , but it would be a good touch if they added them if real.

erathaol1662d ago

'Or the feeling of looking up at the sun as it breaks through the clouds, sending rays of light through enormous pine trees.'

That's what I'm going to be looking for when I play this game.

Bennibop1662d ago

Wow, looks proper next gen

Azmatik1662d ago

Looks amazing any word on the resolution and fps? Off topic here - legit question for my ps4 (made me think of it when the guy mentions the share button), every time i view screenshots i took with share button after viewing about 4 of them it crashes with a error CE-34878-0 i used google but found no info on the error when viewing screenshots same error for other ppl doing different stuff but for me its only when viewing screenshots like i stated. Any info would be great thanks!

ABizzel11662d ago

1080p confirmed.

Framerate isn't known yet, but I suspect it to be 30fps considering it's open world, looks that good, and it's still a bit too early for PS4 to be pumping open world games out at 60fps with that much destruction and diversity to the city.

Regardless gameplay looks butter smooth.

ambientFLIER1662d ago

The PS4 is never going to do open world games at 1080P/60FPS. Not because it can't, but because in an open world the developers will almost always choose extra details and effects over the frame rate. Especially considering that a locked 30fps is smooth.

CaulkSlap1662d ago


Glad someone understands framerate is a direct trade off to visual details. So many people on here act like 60fps is some magic number you get from "power". Even the best PC can be made to chug if you turn up resolution and mod effects enough. 30fps is the sweet spot for everything but fast paced games.

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