New Yakuza Ishin Gameplay Video Shows The Beginning of the Upcoming PlayStation Exclusive

Sega just published two TV commercials of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Yakuza Ishin, but apparently that wasn't enough, and the publisher also released a new gameplay video.

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Summons751701d ago

Cool but is it coming to the west with yakuza 5? This is kinda pointless if it isn't.

knifefight1701d ago

It's not related to Yakuza 5 though.
This is a spin on a part of old Japanese history, as if Yakuza characters took place of historical figures. Its story isn't connected to the long-running tale of Kazuma Kiryu.

Summons751701d ago

True and I was aware but its hard to see news on a series I cherish and know that I won't be able to plus it.

Amigaengine1701d ago

Sega you know we want this

sinspirit1701d ago

Seeing how Yakuza was successful in the U.S. before and they have a chance to get a bigger fanbase by releasing as one of the early titles for PS4 I'm sure they will make an English.

SynestheticRoar1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

You had me at exclusive. I want this game right now.