Top 5 games on Mac

MWEB GameZone joins Apple's celebration of the Macintosh's 30th anniversary with their top 5 games to play on the Mac.

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HanCilliers1659d ago

It's fantastic to see such a stellar line-up on Mac

lord zaid1659d ago

I always wonder if mac owners actually care about gaming, for I have yet to meet a mac addict with any interest in video games.

HanCilliers1659d ago

Ive come across this rare breed in the world of Team Fortress 2.

plut0nash1659d ago

It's great to see multiplatform titles getting attention like this. There definitely needs to be more games for OSX though.

Choc_Salties1659d ago

Im wary of such development though, as i'd be punting more for a Linux-centric viewpoint, all things considered that the basis of developing for the two is actually so close, so if youre developing for OSX, it shouldnt be that much of a stretch to go to Linux, especially what with all the SteamBox coming out and all...