The Top 10 Greatest Video Game Stories (Ever)

SuperCheats takes a look at games with great stories and compiles it's list of it's ten favorites.

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Imalwaysright1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Horrible list made by someone that started gaming last gen.

ExposingLames1392d ago

Also its painfully obvious an xbox fanboy.

Aloren1392d ago

What makes you think so ? There's no xbox exclusive on that list...

johndoe112111392d ago

How did you even get to that conclusion???

jsslifelike1392d ago

More one-entry-per-page shit. Here's the list:

-Mass Effect
-The Walking Dead
-Fallout: New Vegas
-The Last of Us
-Assassin's Creed II
-Alan Wake
-Bioshock: Infinite
-LA Noire

Together, we can end clickbait.

bakagaijin781392d ago

Should be titled:

"The Top 10 Greatest Video Game Stories... from main-stream games released only within the last several years (except for the obligatory FF7 mention)"

There are tons of niche games with more thought-provoking and emotionally-stirring stories out there.

johndoe112111392d ago

The fact that skyrim comes in above TLOU and bioshock infinite and the fact that fallout new vegas is even on that list is laughable. Worst list I ever saw.

Hellsvacancy1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Yeah that is bit of a lame list, Red Dead Redemption, God Of War, Shadow Of The Colossus and Metro should defo be on the list

Opinions opinions

MohammadAdam1392d ago

I'm 100% sure Metal Gear needs to be on that list.

Dfooster1392d ago

I'll just pretend I didn't see number 2 because la noire was a stinking pile of %^*. It's even worse when it's in the list above eight absolute gems like final fantasy 7 and mass effect.

I mean for epic story telling final fantasy 7 beats all the other games on the list by a country mile anyway but that's a side argument.

Treian1392d ago

No FFX makes me sad :(

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The story is too old to be commented.