Despite Console War, EA and Titanfall Curry Favor with PC Master Race

GR - I can just hear everyone shouting and booing at their computers. Origin?! The thought! Why I'd never install Origin, ever! If you've seen Titanfall in action, you know you'll need the best platform for optimum frame-rate, resolution, and connectivity. The folks at subreddit r/PCMasterRace know a thing or two about optimum graphics and performance.

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ftwrthtx1697d ago

PC gaming will always have the best graphics if the gamer can afford them.

k3x1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Would you people calm your shit for once? Why would I need to upgrade my PC for this? The game looks like COD. Yeah, COD. The game everyone makes fun of for looking the same for the past few years. Call me when next gen actually gets a good looking game (other than The Division). This is not it.