Incoming COD: Ghosts Title Update Improves Spawns, Tweaks Perks, And Adds New Game Modes

MP1st - A new title update for Call of Duty: Ghosts that looks to implement a number of changes previously outlined last December by Infinity Ward is currently in the works and is due out tomorrow.

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corvusmd1633d ago

They also adjusted the number of kills needed for certain camos (i.e. Now you may need only 10 rescue kills instead of 20)

rustyspoon801633d ago

Bring back Headquarters, Sabotage and Hard Point.

Matt6661633d ago

HA that's funny, I didn't know that COD knew how to fix games, but there version of "fixing" usually ends up being half done, at best.

Tctczach1633d ago

Are you kidding me? Sadly it's one of the only games that worked perfectly from launch. At least for me. And I only bought it for friends. Battlefield is starting to work for me though so I'm happy about that.

Matt6661632d ago

no i not kidding, COD version of fixes is, making things even more overpowered instead of looking at the real issues like lag comp and spawn fixtures

ramiuk11632d ago

i havent had any issues on ghosts.
BF been a mess from day 1 and still is imo(although alot better recently)

Tctczach1632d ago

There is no lag for me(I play on Xbox) and the span are far worse in battlefield. I get spawned killed all of the time. Especially on Operation Locker.

CerebralAssassin1632d ago

Are you really gonna cry about a gun being overpowered? There will be guns that are better than others. If thats not the case then why have multiple guns? An AK is ment to be a monster. Its a damn AK!! Stop crying about the guns and enjoy the game for what it is.

Matt6661632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I was talking about the knife being the most overpowered weapon in the game along with the manaic perk even more over powered, a knife should not win and I never said anything about the AK maybe you ask instead of jumping to conclusions.

CerebralAssassin1632d ago

I was using the ak as an example. The maniac is not overpowered. The knife is not overpowered. Play your distance and there isnt a problem with knives or the manic. People like you is why cod becomes a game of which gun did they nerf this update. Which kills the game in the first place.

Matt6661632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

The knife does 200 damage and The Maniac has unlimited sprint and runs faster than normal Juggernauts, yea there not overpowered at all are they (that was sarcasm) there really over powered the knife should not kill in one hit and what do you mean people like me, I just saying the truth I bet your one of these people who loves quick scoping and no scoping.
Proof that the knife does 200 damage
While weapons like the 50 Cal only do does 70 damage, please tell me where the logic in that is.

XtraTrstrL1633d ago

Didn't see anything on it, but they need to fix overall performance of the game on PS4.

newflesh1633d ago

What are the performance issues on PS4? Just wondering, I don't have it myself

XtraTrstrL1633d ago

It has frame-rate hiccups when there are explosions and stuff. People mention there's also bad framerate issues when using sniper scopes, kind of like BF3 had.

1 thing they probably won't fix is the shaky screen when you go prone or just move around then stop in a certain spot. I think it's a collision issue, whatever it is it has been in COD games forever and I never see anyone mention it. It's an engine issue, and evidence that they don't work on the engine nearly as much as they need to.

newflesh1633d ago

Hmm.. framerate issues, now this is sad.. I wonder if xbox one has stable fps

XtraTrstrL1633d ago

Yeah, especially when you consider the graphics aren't really on par with other first wave of games on PS4. It doesn't have a higher player count than before, it's still 12-18 players as always. The maps are slightly larger, but that's it.

I assume it's just the unoptimized old engine causing the bottleneck, and probably the fact that they still use 360 or maybe X1 now as the lead platform, then they crudely port it to other platforms. They need to properly optimize the engine for each platform, once and for all.

I told myself MW3 was my last COD game, I only got this because there's not much out for PS4 now, and my nephew is the only other person I know personally that got a PS4 and he bought Ghosts immediately. So I just got it to have something to play with him, but I definitely expected it to perform better than this. It is very sad.

hduce1632d ago

The frame rate on the Xbox One is definitely more stable than the PS4. I think the PS4 version is razor sharp though. I have both versions.

XiSasukeUchiha1633d ago

They needed to fix spawns in the first place

JeffGUNZ1633d ago

Agreed. You think this deep into the life of the COD franchise they would have implemented a solid spawning system, but every game it's the same dog and pony show.

AceBlazer131632d ago

Ikr. Every CoD IW drops the spawns are crappy, you'd think they'd get that right by now. An enemy player and myself spawned directly in front of each other in tdm, wtf.

The_KELRaTH1632d ago

The spawning is atrocious, spawned in front of an enemy and been immediately fragged so many times in the game.

They also need to get rid, reset all the hackers, I gave up counting the amount of hackers on the PS3 online player leaderboard after 25,000

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