Were Developers Pressuring Microsoft Regarding Xbox One’s Tech?

Kenneth Shepard writes: "Following reports that Microsoft will be adjusting the Xbox One’s reserved computing power to better help with the parity between the system and the PlayStation 4, industry insider Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed tweeted that developers were apparently angry regarding the gap between the two systems."

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dedicatedtogamers1695d ago

Ironic that devs were able to bully Microsoft. The system was designed to give Microsoft control over the market.

I think if devs really were complaining, it shows that the gap in power is much bigger than certain people wanted to admit. Hopefully this new shift will allow a bit more parity between PS4 and X1 games, but it's pretty obvious where the superior multiplats are going to be.

maniacmayhem1695d ago

How is that ironic? Devs asking to use more of X1's power and MS having control over the market (in your opinion). I fail to see the irony in that.

Superior multiplats? Not really, if you chase numbers and frame rates and not actual games then yes, I suppose it would matter. But I wonder why a PC was never regarded as the go to system for multiplats last gen, if that was the case?

Maybe because it didn't matter then or certain people didn't want to admit it.

And these multiplats are not like last gen where certain games were a glitched out bug fest due to hard to port for architecture like Bayonetta, Bioshock, Skyrim, etc, etc. No, these games are just as playable on either system.

Good to see you are at the top of everyone of these articles.

dedicatedtogamers1695d ago

Ironic because - with the obvious exception of EA - it appeared that most devs were leery of the X1's original DRM scheme but went along with it (at first) "because...Microsoft" ;.

In many cases, the PC actually did not have the best multiplats due to incredibly shoddy ports. But surely, the "PC masterrrace" meme did not escape your attention. PC snobs were ALWAYS poking their nose into the conversation to mention their version was better, when applicable.

Not sure what you mean by "if you chase numbers and frame rates and not actual games", know...actual games have actual differences between the PS4 and X1.

Who is to say the multiplats aren't going to be like that? Not all of the 360vsPS3 multiplats were like that, either. Mafia II was just about grass. Red Dead Redemption was all about water effects. Not every comparison ended up being "glitchy on PS3, flawless on 360".

The point still stands that X1 is currently receiving inferior ports compared to the PS4 version. Whether that means a world of difference (early PS3 adopters sure liked to deflect this particular issue), I don't really know, but let's not muddy the waters. The fact remains: X1 is getting inferior ports, "inferior" in all the same metrics that made PS3 ports "inferior" last gen.

XabiDaChosenOne1695d ago

"if you chase numbers and frame rates"
You can't b this dense, you do understand that these "numbers translate to better on screen performance right?

amiga-man1695d ago

I would guess it was M$ putting pressure on developers to match the PS4, unfortunately the developers could't manage it with the resources available forcing M$ to do something.

Whatever they do will not be enough and taking resources away from other places will affect performances elsewhere, robbing peter to pay paul.

Kinect really was not a good decision.

iiorestesii1695d ago

Because the type of PC your talking about costs typically more than double the cost is an X1. The PS4 and X1, however, are comparable both in tech and price. People these days. They just keep getting more and more stupid on purpose it seems like.

SmielmaN1695d ago

Septic- you can make you comments telling ppl not to say things you don't like, sure. But you can't cry and tell ppl they aren't capable of reading or comprehension when they chose to tell you they don't agree with what your saying. Honestly, you look like a huge joke right now.

Fact is the majority of gamers slant Sony's way at this time. It may change in the future to MS or Nintendo but it is what it is right now. You are coming off as childish, immature, and a HUGE fanboy. We get it, you got crushed on this site when Xbone was announced with its policies so you flip flopped to get bubbles back. Now you are back to commander of the xbone defence squad with jokesonyou and a couple other posters. A lot of ppl don't like MS and have the freedom to post. You can't tell them what they can and can't say. If that makes you want to throw out degrading remarks about ppl's reading or cognitive abilities, well your extremely ignorant and should maybe get off this sites forums.

nukeitall1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

If the games were running as badly as Bayonetta did on PS3 with sub 30fps all over the place and significantly reduced resolution, then I would see it as a problem.

Games are all running at smooth 30fps or above. In some cases, the frame rate makes for a lot smoother game like on CoD: Ghost on Xbox One instead of the 1080p on PS4.

Most people won't notice or care, because we are reaching a point that gives diminishing returns and only fangirls with an agenda will talk about it, because that is all there is left. It is easy to compare numbers, harder to explain experience.

In the end, no matter what the only console platform you can play Titanfalls on will be Xbox 360 and Xbox One.



Maybe to fangirls. The vast majority cannot tell the difference, and in some cases the Xbox One has better experience, because the increased resolution decreases smooth frame rate.

"The fact remains: X1 is getting inferior ports, "inferior" in all the same metrics that made PS3 ports "inferior" last gen."

When you get terrible inconsistent frame rates that dips well below the golden standard of 30fps and has significantly lower resolution, then yes. If it is almost the same, then nobody cares.

Don't let your bitterness cloud your judgment.

If over the top frame rate and resolution was super important, none of you would be on console, but all jump ship to PC a long long time ago.....

Gunstar751695d ago

Good post.

Does anyone actually know what "ironic" means???

UltimateMaster1695d ago

Who cares. Even with that changed, third party games are going to look better on the PS4 anyway.
So that's were I'll buy my 3rd party games.

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Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Seriously what kind of comment is this?

"Ironic that devs were able to bully Microsoft. The system was designed to give Microsoft control over the market. "

What? What irony? Devs asking for more power and MS supposedly controlling the market? Give it a rest now. Seriously. Your posts are just ridiculous and your contributions are a waste of time.

I'm getting tired of your agenda on here. You set a precedent of negativity commenting early on with your anti-MS agenda which is of little use and it drags the whole comments section down.

We get it. You don't like MS.

DragonKnight1695d ago

Dude, don't become a comment police officer like maniac up there. You're better than that.

I could just as well say "we get it, you like MS" whenever you post anything positive about them, but the point is that people are allowed to have their opinion, whether negative or positive. If you don't want to see what dedicatedtogamers is saying, go to his profile page and hit that Ignore option and you won't have to.

DryBoneKoopa851695d ago

I agree Septic!

The negativity at Microsoft and Nintendo needs to end on this site. Its just dragging the whole gaming community down. Its like every playstation fan can't find enjoyment else where.

Nintendo and Microsoft do offer some other awesome games to be enjoyed and they offer different ways for you to play as well. Either with Kinect or Wii U gamepad. Sony has done a great job so far with the PS4 granted its not perfect much like the Wii U and Microsoft are not perfect. All three consoles have there faults but one thing they DO have in common is they all offer amazing games to play.

Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


Hold on, trust you to come to his defence. How would putting him on the ignore list prevent the following:

" You set a precedent of negativity commenting early on with your anti-MS agenda which is of little use and it drags the whole comments section down. "

Both of you come on here with your overbearing negativity and bias against Microsoft and nothing constructive comes out of it. Look at his B.S comment:

"Ironic that devs were able to bully Microsoft. The system was designed to give Microsoft control over the market. "

The Xbox One was designed to give Microsoft control over the market? WTF? What does that even mean? Dedicated seems to think MS are akin to Skynet.

It's trolling. Full stop. Enough with this nonsense already.

Your comments only seem to reinforce this image:

dedicatedtogamers1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

"Agenda" implies that I'm twisting the facts or doing things behind the scenes to manipulate the situation on N4G. Any evidence to back up that accusation, Septic?

Devs asking for more power and bullying Microsoft into changing their own console is ironic because Microsoft WAS attempting to control the market with the original DRM scheme.

I know you like X1, but do you like Microsoft? I'm not sure. Sony was raked over the coals for their arrogance, and look how they improved. Why should we sweep Microsoft's glaring (and ongoing) mistakes under the rug?

EDIT: Wow, man. Do you not understand what irony is? Let me explain it plainly: Microsoft tries to bully the market with DRM; now devs are bullying Microsoft to change their own console. Ironic.

And yes, Sony was prompted to make changes partially based on years and years of so-called "knee jerk reactions useless sensationalist ramblings", from journalists in particular (remember the EGM rotten tomato on the PS3 magazine cover?)

Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


Who is sweeping what under the rug??

"Devs asking for more power and bullying Microsoft into changing their own console is ironic because Microsoft WAS attempting to control the market with the original DRM scheme."

What on earth do the shortcomings of the X1's technical specs have to do with DRM?

You have an agenda. It's so blatantly transparent.

"Sony was raked over the coals for their arrogance, and look how they improved. "

I for one am not stupid enough to believe that your incessant crusade is motivated by any desire to see a positive change in the industry. Yeah, Sony's improvement wasn't prompted by making knee-jerk reactions useless sensationalist ramblings. Be constructive in your criticism.

MS dropped the ball when it came to power. Simple. Wtf has this controlling the market with DRM got to do with this topic?

JeffGUNZ1695d ago

@ Dedicated

DRM was simply because MS was trying to push all digital downloading. You have to have DRM so people don't borrow games or rent them, install on the HDD, and then return them and get free games. This would ruin the gaming field and developers would lose much money if people do that. DRM isn't a big deal as long as they didn't restrict disc based copies of games from being resold, which they mentioned wasn't going to be an issue. MS wasn't controlling anything, they were looking out for game developers and for themselves. This is a business afterall, money is the driving force.

XabiDaChosenOne1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@Septic If all you can do is ridicule instead of actually addressing the argument with FACTS than you expose your own insecurity. Stop getting emotional over the words of others.

Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


"If all you can do is ridicule instead of actually addressing the argument with FACTS than you expose your own insecurity."

Do you even know what you're on about? The FACT of the matter is, dedicated's point isn't actually about the topic is it?

The topic is about the Xbox One's LACK OF POWER. It is NOT about some so-called attempt to CONTROL THE INDUSTRY.

So get your facts right first. There is no insecurity on my part. Just intolerance for mindless mob-rallying comments from people with agendas that have the drones suckling at the teets.

Insomnia_841695d ago Show
DragonKnight1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@Septic: I am defending everyone's right to say what they want so long as it's not against the site rules for it. Putting dedicated on the ignore list ensures you don't have to see what he posts, and you can ignore any replies made to his posts.

Basically, at this very moment, you're choosing to get upset. You're choosing to come to Microsoft's defense and comment police dedicated's post. Why? Face the facts that people don't like Microsoft and will talk about it. Face the facts that everyone has that right, whether positive or negative, and that clamoring for only positive things to be said about any company is merely censorship and the promotion of ignorance.

As for what dedicated means, he's frickin' right. Are you telling me that you, who rallied against Microsoft's initial policies at the reveal of the Xbox One, now all of a sudden can't see that Microsoft was trying to exert complete control over how people bought and played games? Are you telling me that the DRM Microsoft had (key word: HAD) in place was open and free and not restrictive and beneficial immensely to them and not to gamers?

Are you really saying, you who actually said the opposite months ago, that you CAN'T see that the Xbox One was designed to restrict how used games could be played, bought, traded, or sold and how it would force a network connection even for single player games? That doesn't sound like control to you?

It isn't trolling. Geez, Microsoft defenders were so quick to lambaste Sony in 2006 to 2008, filling this site with as much "Delaystation" and "Grillstation" and all sorts of B.S. but now that the shoe is on the other foot "please stahp the negativity guys, my poor heart can't take it."

Are you serious? Stop being a frickin' comment police officer. You don't like what's being said, then frickin' ignore it or press the back button. We don't control your eyes Septic.

Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


Can you read?? Tell me, what has DRM have to do with this topic??

READ THE TITLE and then READ my post. It's about the X1's lack of power. Critique that. Don't make sweeping statements about MS's so-called attempts to control the industry.

Read his comment again ffs. Why do I have to spoon feed this to you:

"Ironic that devs were able to bully Microsoft. The system was designed to give Microsoft control over the market"

How does this topic relate to DRM?? Go on. Tell me.

"I am defending everyone's right to say what they want so long as it's not against the site rules for it"

Yeah and I am saying what he's consistently doing simply amounts to trolling. It is off-topic. Simple as.

"It isn't trolling. Geez, Microsoft defenders were so quick to lambaste Sony in 2006 to 2008,"

I wasn't on here from 2006-2008 and please, stop using this B.S excuse to justify similar actions from others. The actions of those MS defenders don't ratify the actions of Sony fanboys now do they?

All I'm saying is, he should stay on topic. MS dropped the ball when it came to specs. That much is obvious. But you lot are like politicians or religious fanatics; you just twist and turn this issue to fuel the flames. It's pathetic and please, again, don't try and convince me that your musings are based on a sincere drive to better the industry. That much is obvious when you lot are quick to jump into other topics like Titanfall etc.

DragonKnight1695d ago

@Septic: Can you read? Dedicated's entire point was that Microsoft designed the Xbox One for control over the way people buy and play games. Dedicated is saying that the irony exists in the fact that developers are now pressuring Microsoft to further change their console, removing more and more of their original vision of control and Kinect integration in favour of more design parity.

What is so hard for you to understand about that?

And that's really all I need to say about that because the rest of your comment is just cyclical and still answered by what I just said.

In closing: It's not your job, or right, to police the comments. You have the option to ignore what he's saying, and you're choosing not to take that option. You are responsible for your own feelings as a result of your choice to continue reading the comments of a person you think does nothing but troll.

Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

So hold up, everyone has a right to say what they want but not me? I cant tell him to stop his crusade? Im not policing anything; Im calling him out for his constant trolling (and yes that's what it is). Is it so hard to offer constructive criticism instead of beating a dead horse?

How about I refuse to exercise the option to ignore him for the reasons set out TWICE above? You want me to stay quiet as you two, in what i think is just an attempt to mask fanboyism, railroad topics and exacerbate the faction mentality that plagues this site? You two are just as bad as some of the uni bubble users here.

It's no surprise Devs were pressurising MS regarding their specs. But there's no irony here. DRM is not the issue at hand here.

Sayai jin1695d ago

@Septic - I was on this site back in 2006 and it was both sides of fanatical raging on. I used to spend time commenting about blatant trolling, but over the years I figured it was a waste of time. I find it funny when people say things such as...but before these fans said this about my favorite console so... People have drawn imaginary lines in the sand and seek out revenge. I do not mind people commenting and their opinion is stated. However when people have to put down or have a covert need to bash another console...well just think of it as playground bickering...eventually it becomes background noise.

On topic, devs could have complained to MS, but honestly the gap in specs is big to the hardcore gamer (ala those on this site) and it has become obvious XB1 does not PS4's power....but to the majority of people who will be buying the consoles over the next several years resolution doesn't mean anything. Specs do not mean much to the average buyer and most of them do not understand. IMO most that will buy a system or systems this gen based on what games they like and features such as PS+, streaming services, etc. I said the same thing last gen when the 360 were getting better mult-plats. 360 still lacked the PS3's power, but was easier to dev for. Sony did it right on both fronts...specs and ease of dev. We will have to wait and see what the difference is as far as MS altering the XB1 specs, but honestly I do not think it will make much difference. I think once devs get a better feel for dev'ing for the XB1then the games will start to look better visually. Time will tell.

DragonKnight1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Nope, no one's telling you that you can't say what you want to. But you don't have the right to tell other people what they can and can't say just because you don't want to see it. I don't care about what you outlined before. All that says to me is that you're purposely choosing to get upset. You have the option to not have to deal with what dedicated or anyone else says, and that's an option you are refusing to take.

You're being just like maniac. It's not your place to direct this website. It's not your right to attack people because they are posting their opinion and you don't want to see it. You got upset when you had every ability to prevent yourself from getting upset. Why you choose to harp on about this is just confusing. Do you want to read posts you're not going to like?

Clearly you don't care for dedicated's opinion, that's fine you don't have to. But you don't get to tell him he can't state his opinion because, in your opinion, it derails topics and is "too negative" for your liking.

Pardon the crudeness of this but, are you a wuss or something? Grow up, ignore what you don't want to read, and be happy. You don't have to read anything, you don't have to reply to anything, and you're fully capable of making your own comments that are pertinent to the topic without having to be a reply to anyone else's comment. If you want to cry about what people say, then expect no one to care about what you say when you're not crying.

"It's no surprise Devs were pressurising MS regarding their specs. But there's no irony here. DRM is not the issue at hand here."

*facepalm* Omg. It's really difficult for you to understand isn't it? DRM was just the framing aspect of the true point. The point is that the developers are forcing Microsoft to move further and further away from their original vision. A vision in which they were the ones that dictated how the Xbox One was to be used in terms of development, and why.

Developers don't want their games to look like crap just because Microsoft wants to control the landscape of gaming to suit their own greed, so they've been placing pressure on Microsoft to do whatever is necessary to move the Xbox One closer to the PS4 and have some semblance of parity that isn't forced by Microsoft as a means of compensation for their shortsightedness.

The original vision was control, the devs are pressuring MS to remove that control and the cost is going to be Kinect. Do you understand now or do I need to hire someone to yell it at you as slowly as possible?

maniacmayhem1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


Comment police, hahaha, I guess that would make you the comment defense force and Dedicatedtogamer personal body guard since where ever he is you are not far behind.

No one is telling Dedicated what he can and can't say! Why do you persist on thinking anyone who calls Dedicated out is trying to shut him up. Why are you so defensive when it comes to him?

Dedicated consistently leaves comments that are flat out wrong or trolling. And he gets called out for those comments in the same way you have told others you call out.

I find it hilarious that Dedicated is using the term of irony so blatantly wrong and yet we have the same defenders in here coming to his rescue. I am really starting to think either Dedicated and Dragon are the same or this hive mind mentality is worse than I imagined.

You see Septic, Dragon will accuse everyone else of trying to "censor" him and others of his like mind but then turn around and tell commenters to stop posting damaging sony points or bringing up certain subjects that put Sony in a bad light. So quick to tell others not to bring up any past events, but the first to fire off:
"Microsoft defenders were so quick to lambaste Sony in 2006 to 2008,".


DRM and MS's (lol) Dr. Doom grip on the industry has nothing to do with devs wanting or asking MS to make available more power for the Xbox One. Funny how more rational posters on this site seem to understand this but certain peas in a pod just can't.

AngelicIceDiamond1695d ago

@Knight seems like you and Dedicated hang out allot hmm.

Nice dodge or generalize the comments as just opinions.

What do you call an opinion that generally negative like 90% of the time? Bias maybe?

What if I made comments that were forecasted as doom and gloom and in the negative spectrum about Sony?

Would that just be my opinion to YOU. I'm talking about YOU? What if I just started tirading constant negative opinions about Sony in every article.

Those are opinions but YOU wouldn't look at them as that way. But since its targeting MS a company you both simply don't like you just pass it off as "opinions".

Well then I would look like a huge, fanboy. Which is what you and dedicated clearly are.

"You wanna know what's ironic? "Dude, don't become a comment police officer like maniac up there. You're better than that."

Considering you just did the exact same thing here patrolling and policing against his comment. You blatantly just pulled off double and you didn't even freakin know it.


liquidhalos1695d ago

Stop replying to Septic, he is just trolling us all. Its blatantly obvious, nobody could be that silly without intention

DragonKnight1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Yay, final replies. Get your jabs in good lads and lasses.

@maniac: "Comment police, hahaha..."

I bet you've been spending all day trying to come up with something that lame.

What's funny is that I didn't really defend anything dedicated said, just his right to say what he wants to, which I know you hate. Beyond that, the most I did was to reiterate and restate his point so it was understood. I challenge you to find any inference of an agreement or defense of what he was saying as opposed to his right to say it.

"No one is telling Dedicated what he can and can't say!"


"Give it a rest now. Seriously. Your posts are just ridiculous and your contributions are a waste of time. I'm getting tired of your agenda on here."

Yeah, no that's not telling him that what he's saying needs to stop at all.

"I find it hilarious..."

I find it hilarious that you can't seem to do simple fact checking to disprove yourself and your ridiculous theories. But hey, far be it from me to stifle the routine of a common jester. Keep up the laughs.

"You see Septic, Dragon will accuse everyone else of trying to "censor" him..."

What's also hilarious is that I've never told anyone to not post anything anti-anything and the quote you tried to use as evidence was incorrectly used. I wasn't telling anyone to stop anything, I was stating how fragile and delicate Microsoft defenders are now that the shoe is on the other foot. Typical of you to completely miss the point as usual. Like, for example, your last statement.

"DRM and MS's..."

No one, not even dedicated, said that DRM and MS' control measures are why developers want more out of the Xbox One. What was said was that MS tried to control how things would go, especially with Kinect, and now they have to move further and further away from that because it's hampering developers and their desire to have parity among versions of their games. I know, I know, that went right over your head but that's ok, no one expects you to understand anyway.

@Angelic: I will summarize your entire post to the question "Are a majority of negative opinions still opinions and would you say the same if all I did was speak negatively about Sony?"

I will answer with this "Yes, and yes."

Get over it. Opinions don't have to follow a set of criteria in order to qualify as an opinion. You do not have to be balanced in how you speak in order for what you say to be considered an opinion.

Well this was nice folks. I expect to see a lot more tears over someone saying something negative about Microsoft that far too many didn't even understand, and more attempts at telling people to stop talking because all you want to hear is that everything is sunshine and lollipops for Microsoft.

vigilante_man1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

From reading many of your previous posts you are one of the more thoughtful people on this site.

Remember, it is because MS tried to con us all before the launch that their XB1 was as powerful if not more so than the PS4 - that is why people are so hacked off with MS.

They still try to convince us after the launch. More honesty from MS would be welcome. They should just focus on the XB1 strengths. All they are doing is highlighting the fact XB1 is less powerful.

It should not be an issue but MS keep making it one. Let them focus on their games and features - not BS.

Much respect to you, Septic.

maniacmayhem1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

@ Dragon

"Dude, don't become a comment police officer like maniac up there."

I guess that statement from you is the pinnacle of comedy science right?

You see Dragon, Me and Septic questioned what was ironic in Dedicated's statement since the two examples he gave do not fit one another. It makes no sense and has nothing to do with this actual article. There is no coalition between his opinion of MS's supposed grip on how people purchased their games and devs wanting more power from the X1.

You just can't compare any two things and say it's ironic.

And you trying to explain Dedicated's irrational statement just makes it look even crazier than it originally read.

I also noticed we were all pretty much on topic, talking about Dedicated's comment until you came in this convo all frantic and crying, "leave Dedicated alooone!!". Accusing me of being a comment police, telling Septic to ignore Dedicated and not to comment on things he doesn't like. All of a sudden the convo switched and immediately turned into something else thanks to you.

Well done Dragon, I now see you and Dedicated have some sort of symbiotic relationship. Whenever Dedicated gets called out on his BS he summons you like some sort of Power Zord to come in and derail the convo as he slips out the back door.

Septic1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )


What a joke. Seriously.

Oh so you speak for dedicated do you? Oh he framed his point like that did he?

Why on earth should I not take his comment on face value? After all, his comment history says it all.

Dont you get what this topic is on?? Where's your reading comprehension? You lot are so desperately twisting this jnto a DRM or MS policy issue when ultimately it boils down to hardware specs. The hardware specs could have caused the EXACT SAME issue even if the drm policies didnt exist. MS lost out on the specs race. Simple as that. You lot need to get that in your heads. But I suspect you already know that but insist on trying to fool others that your points that go on a tangent are somehow relevant.

Its not my right to attack people? Who am I attacking? Im critiquing this guy who infests these forums with his negativity. And who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do? I need to grow up? You're clearly struggling to grasp the basic point I made earlier that dedicated deags the WHOLE discussion down a negative route with his nonsense. So you want me to ignore the whole comments section? Why so you lot with your agendas can get a free pass? You wish mate. Take a piece of your own advice and put me on ignore if my presence bothers you so much. Someone needs to smack some sense into people here. I think it might as well be me.

I scarcely consider you lot gamers. Play that platform all you want. I play games. I dont tolerate B.S cloaked as so called valid points. The mob mentality that pervades this site and berates people from enjoying their platform of choice needs to stop.

I laugh in the face of you lot telling me that Im attacking others for their beliefs. What you fail to comprehend his, im attacking them for their behaviour. And you need to learn to act right. You lot are CONSTANTLY on the war path spreading your vitriol around here. I try and keep things passive and I don't rush into topics and quckly post some typical keyboard warrior whinge fest copy and paste anti-corporate rant disguising true agendas.

This isn't even about defending Microsoft. Its about the behaviour of glorified trolls. Where am I defending MS here?? You don't even get it do you? You lot are deaf dumb and blind. Look at my comment history. I critique MS all the time. But I dont act like a moron about it or preach the same recycled nonsense in every thread.

How some of you call yourselves gamers is beyond me.

[Edit] Thrae arguments are so silly. Are you seeing what Im getting at Dragon? This is the kind of stuff that inevitably happens when dedicated open their trap and go on their negative crusade. How many times will he carry on doing this? Its alqays the pro Sony crowd on here too. I dont get you lot. Seriously.

ThanatosDMC1695d ago

If only I could give DragonKnight more bubbles, i'd have more reading material while im using the bathroom...

MasterCornholio1694d ago


The arguments between these posters are hilarious.

Thanks for giving me a laugh. When can I expect the next show?

KillrateOmega1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

I just got on here this morning and read through this whole silly argument and I have to pose the question: How can anyone disagree with Dragon here?

He is defending a poster's right to state his/her opinion. He is saying that nobody here has the right to repress anyone's freedom of speech simply because they don't like what is being said.

He and Dedicated are right. There is a certain irony in this situation. Microsoft previously attempted to bully others. Now they are the one's being bullied. Call it what you will' turning the tables, irony, karma, etc. It is, ultimately, a fair observation.

As far as I'm concerned, Septic and maniac are in the wrong here. For whatever reason, Angelic has decided to come to their defense with some asinine question.

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JohnnyTower1695d ago

Superior multiplats will always be on pc ;). It all comes down to the exclusives

MightyNoX1695d ago

CBOAT hinted that IW asked Microsoft to close the gap. If it was another developer, MS wouldn't have batted an eye but since IWard is making MS ace in the hole, it would make sense that MS listens.

vigilante_man1695d ago

"Developers are thankful for resolution gate for blowing up like it did. It shook things up at MS. It won't make parity but every bit helps.".

Even developers know that the PS4 hardware is more powerful and multi-platform games on XB1 will never achieve parity. But they do want more resources to at least close the gap a bit.

I suspect that developers were not anticipating such a gap.

Give credit to all those developers who are getting better fps/resolution on PS4 version of their games - even if they only release it after the review versions. It shows Microsoft cannot bully everyone like last time around.

Gamers are not as dumb as MS think. Developers know that gamers see the big gap in hardware power. Who wants to be the first developer to dumb down their PS4 version?

maniacmayhem1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

"it appeared that most devs were leery of the X1's original DRM scheme but went along with it..."

Where's the proof of this? I don't remember most devs going along with it at all, in fact I don't remember any dev being vocal about this at all. I do remember most devs speaking out in droves about MS's policies of parity and not being able to self publish.

There is no irony, you are using that term in the wrong way.

Also, I don't know where you come up with these ideas of MS having some criminal strangle hold on the game industry because it is so outlandish and hilariously stupid.

PC "snobs" were always poking their nose in article where Sony "snobs" were claiming the best graphics. It's funny how you don't seem to recall those incidents. These "PC snobs" would always tell people they could play their games in 1080p/60fps and they were told to GTFO by most of you elitists on this site because to you all back then 1080p/60fps was not necessary and no one cared.

It was all about "the gamez". But I guess goal posts have been moved to fit certain agendas, yet again.

No, the X1 is not getting inferior ports in the same way the PS3 was. The PS3 was getting glitched out, buggy messes to where folks on this site came up with the term "lazy devs".

Remember that Dedicated, when every sloppy port that supposedly didn't take full advantage of the PS3 was met with members on this site blaming the devs and calling them lazy?

gamer20131694d ago

Hey dedicated, I'm starting to believe that you're a mod here posting under an alt account. Why? Because you have max bubbles and do nothing but troll.

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XiSasukeUchiha1695d ago

Damn the developers are just bullyin' Microsoft.

iceman13461695d ago

there is always the "Damn"....

Godmars2901695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Would have thought any such complaints would have been responded to before and not after the fact. After there was public evidence of shortcoming. MS just comes off looking bullheaded and out of touch. Slow to react.

Just like they were in regards to the DRM issue as well as handling indies. Responding after the damage was done.

JeffGUNZ1695d ago

I see what you are saying, but it's a damned if they do and a damned if they don't scenario. They are doing something about it now, extremely early in this generation, better now then never. One can suggest they are bullheaded, but it also shows they are listening to public feedback. Should some of this been avoided before they came out of the gate, absolutely, but at least they are showing signs of listening and adjusting to the feedback.

Hicken1695d ago

Hardly. Microsoft had their chance before they even revealed the XB1 to avoid all this nonsense. There was plenty of public feedback they failed to listen to then.

AFTER the reveal, and all the way through E3, they ignored that public feedback, claiming they knew better than consumers. They didn't listen or adjust ANYTHING all that time.

It wasn't until preorder numbers started coming in that they changed their minds. That wasn't for the sake of the public, but for the sake of their wallets, their investors, their bottom line.

The same thing with developers- particularly indies. There was plenty of outcry about how they treated devs last year, long before now. Even after seeing Sony's indie push, they implemented their program but hardly changed the rules people didn't like. It took them months to react.

At every turn, Microsoft is way behind the curve in responding. That's not an indication of responding to the public's opinion, but rather responding to the imminent threat to their profits.

DragonKnight1695d ago

If this is true, it just continues to show how behind the times and a$$ backwards Microsoft are. Either that or they're so self-involved as a company that it required multiple development studios to pester them about this before they decided to do anything about it.

Every one of the Big 3 have been guilty of arrogance, but only Microsoft is guilty of sustained, subtle arrogance that never fades.

Grimhammer001695d ago

Step back and read this info again. There's some info that may not be immediately apparent.

-devs asking for more power. I've never read this concerning 360. This tells me devs are indeed annoyed with struggling to match the other console. And it also illustrates that MS didn't bother to talk to least devs outside their bubble of yes men.

-much of this issue is likely dues to forced kinect & maintaining 3 OS's.

-kinect & tv integration - if your a you look at these as resource hogs?