Second Call of Duty: Ghosts Map Pack Already Leaked on Xbox?

Hardcore Gamer: Tomorrow marks the debut of the first DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts, but it seems that the next set of DLC maps has already been leaked.

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XiSasukeUchiha1512d ago

Leakage man it just doesn't stop! still oozing !

crusf1512d ago

"Gotta comment on every article man.Need those agrees man."

ChaosKnight1512d ago

WOW, Activision really screwed up on this one. It might really hurt the anticipation for the next maps since we already know what they are.

admiralvic1512d ago

I would gladly play on a plaid level if you got to play as Al Borland on it! Might even be enough to get me to buy the DLC too.