Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Begins Rolling Out on Xbox Live Marketplace

MP1st - Onslaught, Call of Duty: Ghosts' first downloadable multiplayer add-on, now appears to be to rolling out on Xbox Live's Marketplace.

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XtraTrstrL1701d ago

Before releasing any DLC on PS4, they need to fix the performance issues. It's ridiculous, the game doesn't even stay up to par with the first wave of next gen titles graphically, and the playercount hasn't been increased. There's no excuse for the hiccups the game has. I also hate that they haven't fixed the shaky screen in the engine that's been there forever. When you move around then stop somewhere, alot of times you'll notice the environment right next to you is shaky, especially when prone or crouched. To stop it you have to move around a bit, but it happens all the time. I think it's a collision detection issue where the player is colliding with the surface of the ground or walls and it causes the shaking. Kind of how it's not smooth when you run into teammates and it doesn't smoothly slide you by them, it's very annoying. I doubt they'll fix that though, since it's been in COD for as long as I can remember.

JeffGUNZ1701d ago

I can't wait for titanfall, I am so sick of COD. I got ghosts hoping it would be decent and it's terrible. Also, why on earth would they removed headquarters?!

XtraTrstrL1700d ago

Yeah, they don't know what they're doing anymore. Plus, I know many people didn't play it, but why would they have no Capture the Flag? I liked playing CTF every now and then, and it's still a very unique mode that should never be missing.