Apple TV And Steam Box Could Throw Nintendo Out Of Business - Or Did Nintendo Plan For This?

Apple's new Apple TV will have a capability that could really shock the video game industry: this fourth generation of Apple TV set-top boxes will feature the ability to play games.

Valve's new Steam Box will bring PC gaming to the living room.

What does this mean for the console manufacturers: Microsoft, Sony, and more importantly - Nintendo?

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iplay1up21482d ago

Nope, not going to happen. Why are these bait and click articles even around? Nintendo is a higher valued company than Sony. It is unlikely Sony is going anywhere so why the hell would Nintendo?

Nintendo Raked in the Money with Wii, and is now doing great with 3DS. It is going to take more than Wii U failing and Apple TV/Steam to knock them down.

If the average person still does not get Wii U, how do you think they are going to understand to Steam.

Roku, is doing well and has advantages over Apple...

Frankly I don't need Apple or Roku...My TV/PS4/Wii U does almost all of it. I could care less about steam.

cellur1111481d ago

Um what? Nintendo is only worth around 10 billion while sony is about 150 billion.

Jdoki1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Maybe he meant cash. I believe Ninty have more money in the bank than Sony at the moment.

On topic.

Combined there's more iPhones and iPads and AppleTV's out there in the world than Nintendo devices. Although Android is far more fragmented, if you throw in those devices too it's a huge number.

Considering the demographic Ninty have gone for it seems perfectly feasible they will publish for other platforms at some point... The only question is, how hard will they go in.

I'm not sure I see them coding for SteamBox or Win PC though.

iplay1up21480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Where have you been with those numbers regarding Sony vs Nintendo???? Nintendo is Valued higher as a Company on and off above Sony the past 6 months...It has been all over the Financial news...Why do you think you have not one agree???? Sony has had quite a few rough years. They are doing better now, but not out of the woods yet.

3-4-51481d ago

lol Apple TV and steam box ?

Steam Box isn't even competing against Nintendo, and Apple....well anybody who has played games for a while knows what Apple brings to the table when it comes to games.

N4g_null1482d ago

The only companies this would hurt are sony and ms as they won't have enough exclusive to be consider different.

What we call Drm I call cell phone plans. Steam and apple already do that.

BoneBone1481d ago

"ummmm, how can we get more clicks??? .... ... EUREKA!! let's only mention Nintendo, hence turning this into YET ANOTHER Nintendoomed article ... and then briefly mention something about how it might effect Sony and MS in the small print... RUN THE STORY!!!"

Please people, DON'T click on the link for this story. Don't waist your time.

Zichu1481d ago

Anybody with a good PC isn't going to buy a Steam Box.

The average person that goes into game stores aren't going to have a clue what a Steam Box is.

Most of the younger generation would rather have a console that most of their friends have, which isn't going to be a Steam Box...

The Wii U isn't doing as good as the Wii, but it doesn't mean it's a bad console. I think Nintendo and everybody else was expecting them to pull Wii sales numbers again, but they didn't because people aren't going to look at the Wii U as the Wii's successor, but more as an accessory. There are more games to come for the Wii U, I am still hanging onto my Wii U incase of Monster Hunter and also other titles like Bayonetta 2 and X.

iplay1up21480d ago

Honestly, I could care less about PC anymore. I mean I buy a console and buy a game it works. PC is way too much hassle anymore. Average people do not upgrade their computers every couple of years anymore. The numbers speak for themselves. Yes there are still some people out there who do, but the number has dwindled to less than half the past 5 years.

I am not going to upgrade my PC or laptops just to play games. Again a console I put it in and play. So yeah. PC is not dead, but upgrades for the AVERAGE PERSON at this point in time are more of a hassle than benefical. I mean if you are doing you taxes or on FB on your PC and that is pretty much it why the hell would you Upgrade????

Not only that, but MOST of us have moved on to Tablets....I spend WAY more time on my tablet than PC or Laptop...So yeah

Getting back to the Games, well MOST games that are on PC are on uh, lets see almost ALL consoles. Now with the Next Gen systems out, the PC games are NOT going to be THAT much ahead of them. If you think your eye can see more than 1080p, well yeah it might, but BARELY, and 60 FPS is going to be standard sooner than later...Developers need time to tweak the consoles...and frankly, I would rather sit in my chair put a game in and play it on my TV...Oh and Yeah I could hook My PC up to my TV...but again more HASSLE than its worth.

BTW...I am 42 and have owned more PC's and consoles than you have fingers, toes,and yeah I know what I am talking about...

Have fun playing

Zelda, Gears of War, Any freaking Mario 1st party title, Metroid, Zombi U, Lego City, Gran Turismo, X, Donkey Kong, The Last of Us, Sly Cooper, Killzone, Knack,
OMG I could GO ON AND ON....But just go ahead and play those on PC or Steambox...

Don't need a PC to play the best games, they are NOT on PC...But consoles...Hell I would rather have a DORKBOX than a PC for games.

Happy I have Wii U and PS4, though to be honest Wii U has the games right now...Sony PS4 is cool, but if I did not have a new console, I would have to say Wii U because the games are there NOW.

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