Resident Evil needs to hit the reset button

Games in Asia: There’s been a lot of talk recently about the need to re-introduce horror into the Resident Evil franchise, which has recently become more of a third-person shooter than a survival horror. I agree but before the series can go forward it needs to get back to its roots.

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rodiabloalmeida1483d ago

The Evil Within. That's what we need. Straight from the creator of the so famous RE series, Shinji Mikami.

ritsuka6661483d ago

Totally agree.I don’t think Resident can recover after disaster of Resident evil 6.

abzdine1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

i dont know what to think of The Evil Within, but i'm hoping it's not an action game i'm fed up with this genre.
i'm really hoping Japan Studio makes a new Siren.

RE5 was a disaster but still way better than the shit RE6. can't believe pigeons still bought it it's disgusting cause i remember Capcom said RE5 and 6 were comercial successes.

gantarat1481d ago

Resident Evil 6 Should Be CG-Movie Than Game

ShaunCameron1481d ago

@ abzdine

Well, RE5 WAS a success. So much a success that it became the highest-selling RE game to date. RE6? In the the first month, but fizzled out rather quickly since.

Roccetarius1481d ago

Resident Evil is holding on to the final straw atm, and i doubt it's ever going to come back. Mainly due to the generation we live in, which expects games like RE 5 and 6.

Thanks to RE4, this is where it headed.

abzdine1481d ago

i hated RE4 for that. Code: Veronica was my last one i bought.

ravinash1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Code Veronica was the first one I played and loved it....was really looking forward to RE5 before it came out.
Haven't played a RE game since....such a shame.

Matt6661481d ago

what RE4, is what started the action rubbish off, RE1-CVx are the proper survival horror REs.

gantarat1481d ago

actually Resident Evil start action element in RE 3 - CV (But game still survivor-horror)

Zichu1481d ago

I haven't played an RE game since RE4. RE4 stuck to the same sort of style. I know the camera angle wasn't fixed in the corner of the room like in the original trilogy, but you couldn't see behind you which made it more terrifying. It was slower paced, less ammo and the whole atmosphere was great.

I didn't like the look of RE5 and RE6. Looked too colorful, way too much action and looked like you could get plenty of ammo.

This is why I am looking forward to The Evil Within, looks amazing, I'm hoping it can bring me to the edge of my seat and make me panic a bit.

RE definitely needs to be rebooted, get someone or a team in that know what survival horror actually is.

Kevlar0091481d ago

RE4 is as far as they should have gone in terms of horror to action ratio. While it is much more action oriented than the one's before, it still had plenty of scary moments (try doing the dog maze, insect sewers, or Regenerators at night for the first time without wanting to turn the game off after the first minute of said event)

RE5 was really fun but didn't have any scary moments, the pacing was tuned to incorporate as much action as possible at the expense of tension or strategy. When you plsy the RE1 remake on Gamecube you can't help but wonder how it all changed so much

Keep the 3rs person, over the shoulder camera (I love it) but use the design process of 0-4. Capcom should do a remake of the second with RE4 style to test the waters. Capcom just needs to accept RE was best when it was survival horror, not a 3rd person shooter with zombies in it

Matt6661481d ago

There was noting scary about RE4

Run_bare1481d ago

No, they need better writers, Japanese writers are some of the most prolific horror authors, Capcom should hire them to fix up the mess. It will be a feat if they can continue the story and bring back to horror roots.

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