Why The Console Wars & 60FPS Tomb Raider Arguments Are Ridiculous

This weeks episode of NO Button Masher sees Diego Arlek discussing Why the console wars are ridiculous and if Tomb Raider in 60FPS really matters?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Here's how I look at it. If you want to spend less and have a better game experience then get a PS4. The only reason to get an Xbox One is for games like Halo 5, Titanfall, and Gears IMO.

shancake1394d ago

I think the main thing to take out of the video is that ALL games win. Both systems are worth getting eventually.

Kingthrash3601394d ago

this^^ both are great systems.
but this fact dosent help a single console owner who's on the fence.
that's when preference comes along..if that customer wants the best as far as hardware goes the ps4 may be your way. but if you want games like gears tf and halo then x1 is your way.
i think the resolution argument is valid though, ms advertised 60fps 1080p. and while capable of doing this it hasn't delivered on that pitch.
power sells, it shows with apple and they re-up on a new phone every year. so while yes the resolution is minimal so is the gap between these new consoles and if someone wants the most powerful the resolution will be a factor.
if i had both like i did with the 360/ps3 id go with the better version. seems like yesterday people were saying it looks anfd plays better on the all of a sudden its "ridiculous"?
minimal yes, agreed but ridiculous not really.

georgeenoob1394d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I barely spot a difference between 720p and 1080p, and I compared with both my 1080p monitor and TV. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people didn't either, since playstation fans turn a subtle difference in their favor into a huge one.

It really comes down to games. And X1 wins by a LONG shot. In both quality and quantity. MS is bringing its best system sellers such as Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Crackdown AND they're focusing heavily on new IPs. Such as Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, D4, new Black Tusk IP.

And they said MS isn't focusing on games?

Army_of_Darkness1393d ago

@george "I barely spot a difference between 720p and 1080p

This is why you need a good gaming pc or a ps4 console ;-)

Whiskeyjacked871393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

@georgeenoob do you ever check to see how many disagrees your comments get? There is a reason for that. Call it what you want, fanboys, yadda yadda yadda, but the fact remains that the difference matters to gamers. Fanboys or not.

webeblazing1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

george you were better off saying you just like they exclusive game MS coming out with or the features. all platforms have exclusive games even different platforms owned by the same company. just be happy with what you got. same goes for everybody. its a difference with resolution, fps, gfx effects, and other features. the gameplay dont changes with the hardware unless the game is focus around it, which rarely happens. we are only see games starting to do that and xbone dont have anything to worry about.

higher fame rate is better tho makes smoother gameplay, picture, and animation.

nypifisel1393d ago

I disagree. I don't think the Xbox One is worth getting ever. The PS4 is an immensely more competent gaming machine and I already got entertainment devices that function better than the Xbox One (most people do). And this does matter. It's ridiculous that so many people especially in the media is trying to convince us the discrepancy doesn't matter, but when the XB1 is $100 more it does so very much. XB1 needs to be cheaper than the PS4 to ever justify getting one.

Kennytaur1393d ago

@georgenoob; have you been using compressed video for your comparison? Get a game running on a Pc with a 1080p monitor or an HDTV and change the resolution between the two, if you still can't see the difference then you need your eyes checked. Seriously.

But a 720p render can still look very good if there's good filtering and anti-aliasing.

johndoe112111393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

You know what? All I have to say is that I cannot remember a single journalist or gaming site that were willing to say these things when the xbox was kicking the ps3's a$$ last gen. They promoted console wars and resolutions as if the industry depended on it.

Maybe I just have a bad memory, maybe I didn't see all the websites I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong......then again maybe I'm not.

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quaneylfc1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

no one ever includes quantum break, why?

Here's an easy way to help someone getting one. look at the games, see what console has the best lineup for the next year. if one has better sounding games, get it. the quality of the games and what games you want is far more important than console specs, resolution and a pissing contest over a paragraph.

Metallox1394d ago

no one ever includes quantum break, why?

Bad marketing, or the game it's just not releasing this 2014.

Kingthrash3601394d ago

see but you neglect one fact......what if they like the games on both systems? many gamers do.
both have blockbuster titles. both have alot of great games on the horizon.

no one ever mentions the order either..thay are both new ip's that need to be seen. the games mentioned are a loooong running series (with the exception of titan fall...but we kinda know what to expect from it cod+bots+mechs)

quaneylfc1394d ago

This is more of a playstation oriented webiste, the exclusives mentioned are: Infamous: second son, the order, drive club, uncharted and titanfall.

The subjects differ from: ps4, resolution, xbox one faults, xbox one


Yes, people like both sides of the console exclusives. I haven't neglected anything, i used the plural gameS, people will have to weigh up the options in comparison and choose.

NeoTribe1393d ago

A smart consumer would look to the past. They would see sony dominates the gaming division and is constantly trying new ips. Not to mention soy wins goty almost every year. Look at a list of games for 2013 and 80 percent of xbox 360 games were kinect shovelware, while sony pushed out new ip after new ip whether it failed or succeeded. Everyone knows sonys strongsuit is and has always been top notch.

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Metallox1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I agree. If the next Gears it's great, it feels familiar but at the same time fresh, I think I will buy an Xbox One, I don't really care if the game runs at 720p and 30 FPS. fortunately I don't think the console will cost 500 dollars by then. If this game results as "Judgment 2" I'll go better for a PS4.

And you're right, PS4 offers a better experience for less.

quaneylfc1394d ago

resolution does not account for a better experience, it never has done. It's the aspirational attitude of "my console is better" working with the advertising of two rival companies. The games are important and that's all.

MysticStrummer1393d ago

"resolution does not account for a better experience, it never has done"

I guess we should all go back to standard definition then. Some games are nearly there anyway, after all. Particularly one very high profile upcoming game.

As Kingthrash said above, it seems like just yesterday that the smaller differences between 360 and PS3 multi plats were getting all kinds of play on this site, which was at one time very MS friendly and very anti-Sony. Now it's "ridiculous" to point out bigger differences, especially when the console with the lesser visuals also has the higher price tag? Give me a damn break.

When it comes to playing individual games you want to play, by all means buy the console that has those games, but calling the current hardware comparisons ridiculous after what happened last gen is, well, ridiculous.

webeblazing1393d ago

yall are killing me with this spec talk when i doubt yall even care about the technology that in these consoles or any other device. he made a good point about the games matter but you try and counter with that. this is why pc gamers come in and bash yall. it pc gamers that lower resolution to get a higher frame rate with max gfx, its their choice. he never said the comparison ridiculous, you just wanted to say something. we gen it you made about last gen. i was he i even was bash being a sony fan but yall not making yourselves look good. yall looking worst. what happen to humility?

Studio-YaMi1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Console-wise,the PS4 is much more appealing than XboxOne,and it's up there with good gaming PCs,so the PS4 gives the best experience from consoles & a good/equal experience of some gaming PCs.

So why spend more than 400 on a gaming PC when you have the PS4 for only $400 dollars when you can basically have the same experience as gaming PCs(unless you're looking for 4K gaming)?

Think about it for a little bit then come back to me.

Only reason I would ever pick an XboxOne is for games that you can't find somewhere else and that are GOOD,I don't want an XboxOne to buy a game that I can get a better experience of on the PS4 or games that are not XboxOne exclusives and are available on PC as well like Titanfall & Project Spark.

starchild1393d ago

It's not that simple. Not with every game at least. Take Tomb Raider Definitive Version, for example. The PS4 version is better.. only if you like stutter. The PS4 version averages well below 60fps and fluctuates a lot more than the XB1 version, swinging all the way between 33fps and 60fps.

And it averages below 60 most of the time. That is going to mean that the game stutters most of the time.

I would greatly prefer a solid 60fps over a solid 30fps, but I would also prefer a solid 30fps over a stuttery variable framerate, even if it averages higher.

The hierarchy goes like this: solid 60fps > solid 30fps > juddery uncapped framerate averaging in the 40s or 50s > juddery uncapped framerate with frequent drops into the low teens.

The XB1 version is capped at 30fps and doesn't drop below that most of the time. On the other hand the PS4 version spends most of its time fluctuating around well below 60fps.

I prefer my PC version at a solid 60fps over either of them, but if I had to buy a console version I would choose the XB1 version due to its more solid and steady frame rate.

dale_denton1393d ago

yup, if i paid $500 for a console.. that damn thing better be up to par with the competition

Kavorklestein1393d ago

Well in digital foundry and ign vids of tomb raider: DE why does Lara's Hair look more aliased and "Therfore inferior" on the PS4 version??? For best overall image quality, many things come into play, not just higher framerate, or resolution... this is why I play skyrim on max settings but keep anisotropic filtering down under 2x so my items and Khajiit characters aren't rendered see-through sometimes. I also prefer the faster framerate that I get when I keep anisotropic filtering lower depending on the game, which is most likely what the PS4 devs must have had to do with Lara's hair to get the framerate to stay up higher.. I say they both look practically identical, and I Guarantee you will have a good time with not only either of these Definitive Edition versions, but on PC, and last gen as well. Let's just play the damn games already! I don't know how much it really matters which is minutely better in the long run, I mean, look how many people buy Ipads instead of far superior/faster/more flelible to develop for/and more future-proof android tablets! We are never REALLY gonna be able to influence the masses to buy what WE think they should... they are making their minds up for themselves, just like WE ALL DO! It's getting so old to focus and hyper-fixate on this crap, that I feel like I am aging prematurely because of gaming websites, and forums, etc.. And the reality of it is, no console owner is gonna beat a decked out PC, so why shout supremacy from the rooftops if you are still not the king? Get the games you want and play em. Simple as that. let everybody else do what they want to without proving how worried you are about how many people like your specific console. I don't see PC owners bashing the idiots who buy mac books or just about ANY Apple product, so why do us gamers have to prove we are less mature than the basic college student?

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JBSleek1394d ago

Truth play on the system that the games you prefer. If you don't like either exclusives I would go PC.

yewles11394d ago

"Why The Console Wars & 60FPS Tomb Raider Arguments Are Ridiculous"

...because they're only valid when it favors the other platform?

JEECE1394d ago

Yeah, back in 2006-2007 every games media site went crazy when Need For Speed fill in the blank and Rainbow 6:Vegas ran at 30fps on 360 while on PS3 these games were rendered unplayable due to dips down to 27fps. Now a game running at nearly twice the fps on PS4 as compared to X1 is stupid console war talk.

starchild1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

You guys are acting as if the PS4 version is a solid 60fps game. It isn't. It averages below 60fps most of the time. The Xb1 version averages 30fps most of the time.

And the reason for that is that the XB1 version is capped at 30fps, while the PS4 version has a much more fluctuating frame rate since they didn't cap it at 30fps.

The PS4 version averages higher and would do so even if the XB1 version was uncapped, but it wouldn't be nearly the difference some of you are making it out to be.

EVERY game that is capped at 30fps would actually average quite a bit higher if it was uncapped. Often in the 40s and up into the 50s.

So if the XB1 version was uncapped, like the PS4 version is, it would likely average somewhere around 43fps (as a general estimate). The PS4 version only averages around 53fps, which means the ACTUAL difference would be only about 10fps.

We saw plenty of games that stuck mostly to 30fps on the 360 last generation while dipping down into the low 20s or even teens on the PS4. If the Tomb Raider difference is worth pointing out now, it was definitely worth pointing out those differences last generation.

Especially since in the case of Tomb Raider we have one version with a largely steady framerate, while the other one averages higher but is all over the place and stutters more.

On the other hand, last generation when both versions of a game were capped at 30fps and one version frequently dropped well below that there would be no doubt about which one had the better, more steady frame rate.

Why o why1393d ago

8 paragraphs of deflection and damage control. Leave it out starchild. I made reference to the hard headed x1 fans just the other day. All now, some of you cant just admit defeat on the power aspect. In gaming terms, 720 or 900p vs 1080p is a lot. 30fps vs 60fps is a lot especially if we used the xbox camps last gen multiplat barometer. This gens gap is wider and more significant.

The quicker people like yourself move on and stop spinning the quicker 'some' will stop shoving proof down your gape holes. For this year at least just focus on exclusives.... leave the console power battle alone...its long

Silly gameAr1394d ago

Yeah. We needed this last gen. This is a gen late.

webeblazing1393d ago

soooooo waht yall saying is we should keep doing this?

i think your missing the point.

Animavicion1394d ago

"This, is WORLD, WAR, 8" best joke 2013-2014

SilentNegotiator1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Some people might say that 60fps is better than 30fps. I know, crazy, right?

It's as though not everyone can afford both systems and might want to get the one that does the multiplats better (or at least best version of the game if they have both systems).

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