Why The Console Wars & 60FPS Tomb Raider Arguments Are Ridiculous

This weeks episode of NO Button Masher sees Diego Arlek discussing Why the console wars are ridiculous and if Tomb Raider in 60FPS really matters?

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JBSleek1701d ago

Truth play on the system that the games you prefer. If you don't like either exclusives I would go PC.

yewles11701d ago

"Why The Console Wars & 60FPS Tomb Raider Arguments Are Ridiculous"

...because they're only valid when it favors the other platform?

JEECE1701d ago

Yeah, back in 2006-2007 every games media site went crazy when Need For Speed fill in the blank and Rainbow 6:Vegas ran at 30fps on 360 while on PS3 these games were rendered unplayable due to dips down to 27fps. Now a game running at nearly twice the fps on PS4 as compared to X1 is stupid console war talk.

starchild1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

You guys are acting as if the PS4 version is a solid 60fps game. It isn't. It averages below 60fps most of the time. The Xb1 version averages 30fps most of the time.

And the reason for that is that the XB1 version is capped at 30fps, while the PS4 version has a much more fluctuating frame rate since they didn't cap it at 30fps.

The PS4 version averages higher and would do so even if the XB1 version was uncapped, but it wouldn't be nearly the difference some of you are making it out to be.

EVERY game that is capped at 30fps would actually average quite a bit higher if it was uncapped. Often in the 40s and up into the 50s.

So if the XB1 version was uncapped, like the PS4 version is, it would likely average somewhere around 43fps (as a general estimate). The PS4 version only averages around 53fps, which means the ACTUAL difference would be only about 10fps.

We saw plenty of games that stuck mostly to 30fps on the 360 last generation while dipping down into the low 20s or even teens on the PS4. If the Tomb Raider difference is worth pointing out now, it was definitely worth pointing out those differences last generation.

Especially since in the case of Tomb Raider we have one version with a largely steady framerate, while the other one averages higher but is all over the place and stutters more.

On the other hand, last generation when both versions of a game were capped at 30fps and one version frequently dropped well below that there would be no doubt about which one had the better, more steady frame rate.

Why o why1701d ago

8 paragraphs of deflection and damage control. Leave it out starchild. I made reference to the hard headed x1 fans just the other day. All now, some of you cant just admit defeat on the power aspect. In gaming terms, 720 or 900p vs 1080p is a lot. 30fps vs 60fps is a lot especially if we used the xbox camps last gen multiplat barometer. This gens gap is wider and more significant.

The quicker people like yourself move on and stop spinning the quicker 'some' will stop shoving proof down your gape holes. For this year at least just focus on exclusives.... leave the console power battle alone...its long

Silly gameAr1701d ago

Yeah. We needed this last gen. This is a gen late.

webeblazing1701d ago

soooooo waht yall saying is we should keep doing this?

i think your missing the point.

Animavicion1701d ago

"This, is WORLD, WAR, 8" best joke 2013-2014

SilentNegotiator1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Some people might say that 60fps is better than 30fps. I know, crazy, right?

It's as though not everyone can afford both systems and might want to get the one that does the multiplats better (or at least best version of the game if they have both systems).

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