Attack On: How To Fix Nintendo

"Okay, so, basically, everyone in the entire gaming community seems to have a hard-on for trying to “fix” Nintendo. But, really, they’re all wrong. All of them. Absolutely everyone else is completely wrong in regards to fixing Nintendo. It’s well known that Nintendo itself is massively broken. So broken, in fact, that it indeed needs to be fixed. In this piece, we aim to look at what Nintendo has been doing, why they’re wrong about doing it that way and what they can do about fixing it. As well as anything else we can think of as we go. All those other lists seem to be written on the fly anyway, so we should follow suit for accuracy." - Attack On Gaming

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WonderboyIII1694d ago

This is one stupid article.

AndreBlimey1694d ago

They need to make full games not games that were considered small in the N64 days.