Hideo Kojima Continues To Tease MGSV: Ground Zeroes On Twitter

iGR: "Hideo Kojima has been tweeting random pics from his upcoming game, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. In the past he’s shown select screenshots of the title running on Xbox One and PS4. He’s even posted a pic of GZ running on all applicable platforms simultaneously. Tonight he decided to show a great pic of the main menu, and then a zoomed in shot showing off the visuals of the PS4 version a bit more."

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Vergil-1548d ago

Stop teasing us Kojima ;(

cellur1111548d ago

Thanks but i don't want the prologue to metal gear solid 5.

cellur1111548d ago

I don't want't to pay $30 for half a game and then spend $60 when the full game comes out.

vishmarx1547d ago

you would much rather play half assed games that cost $60
and not possibly the best game this year because its a prologue and costs half as much?
this game will have more content and playablity than 90% of the games this year ,prologue or not,
its a hideo kojima game.

BiggCMan1548d ago


But wow, that main menu has more stuff in it than most 60 dollar games today. I'd say that shows that there is a significant amount of content in it for the 20 dollar price tag you're able to get it at if you get it last gen.

TomahawkX1548d ago

I cannot flippin believe we get to play this in less than 2 months. March is going to be amazing.

inFamous Second Son
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

vishmarx1548d ago

+south park
possibly watchdogs
dark souls

as if feb isnt good enough already
bravely defalt
LR ff
Tales of symphonia
yakuza ishin
wolf among us ch2

Meltic1547d ago

wolf amung us ch2 you can download instead lol

KillerPwned1548d ago

I wanna see PS3 gameplay just really curious what it looks like.

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