Why Dark Souls is the Game of the Generation

Dusty Cartridge tears apart Dark Souls and analyses exactly how the punishing Japanese RPG has captured the hearts of a generation of gamers.

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Hellsvacancy1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

It's my personal favourite, not because it's a PS3 exclusive (like some will think/say) but because it was like no game i'd ever played before, it seemed tougher than Dark Souls, I bet I died 2000+ more in Demon's Souls, the online was more stable aswel

I'm painstakingly waiting for Dark Souls 2

I still think The Last Of Us wins game of the generation (MY opinion)

joab7771577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

For me its tough. Bioshock, Fallout 3 and Dark Souls are my 3 favorite. Simply b/c of the impact they had at that time.

I cant wait for a next gen Souls game b/c I love how they think outside the box (like Levine did w/ Bioshock) and anything is possible. And I love the Souls community.

I hav always wondered what a Souls MMO would b like. Imagine an mmo that is unlike any we have seen. All the traditional tropes r out the window...just a community of ppl playing together....imagine how hard some of the bosses might b if there was group play. If it was done right and not in a cookie cutter fashion it could b brilliant.

Revolt131577d ago

no, hell no.
Dark Souls.

PSVita1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

We must have not played the same game because dark souls was an incredible broken game. It also could have done without the" open world"(wasting time walking) and added arch stones. The online didn't even work when I got it either. BTW I bought the platinum edition with all the bells and whilstles so I'm not being some kind of fanboy. I remember playing it and thinking that they had nearly 4 years to improve dark souls to be a better game than demon souls and failed. It was way too easy and it felt like a chore to finish. You didn't even need to fight boss head on...there were so many times where you could just stand in a certain place and shoot arrow until the boss/enemy until they were dead...

Demon souls had a better story, a darker feel, less bugs, innovative online and intricate puzzles. It was the only game I looked up a walkthrough for EVER. You couldn't run away like in Dark Souls. It was do or die. When you stepped through that cloud to fight a boss I literally would get chills because if you die you Lose almost EVERYTHING. Maybe you just haven't played it or you played it after Dark Souls either way Demon Souls was miles ahead of Dark Souls.

Hopefully we can see a real sequel that continues from the broken Archstone.


MasterCornholio1577d ago

Some people will say Demon Souls while others will choose Dark Souls. But one thing is true and that's they are both excellent games. However, even though I enjoy the open world aspect of Dark Souls I hate the framerate issues which is why, from my experience, Demon Souls is the better game for me.

PurpHerbison1577d ago

The FPS is honestly my biggest complaint other than terrible netcode. I liked that in Demons Souls, if the FPS ever acted up, all I had to do was reload the game and it was fine, not with Dark Souls.

shadow18spirit1577d ago

too many great games deserves game of the generation , hard to choose just one