Top 5 Fake Video Game Controversies of 2013

Original Gamer: "The year 2013 had plenty of controversies. From Microsoft changing their tune on the Xbox One’s used game policies to the news that gamers are being spied on by the NSA, there was no lack of video game controversies for people to discuss. Then, on the other hand, there are those fake controversies."

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gigoran1579d ago

Ok, you just earned yourself a subscriber. Anyone that voices their disgust with the immature and unprofessional nature of Kotaku is good in my books.

And with number 5, you also need not look further than Kotaku for that one to erupt. The horseface Patrica (AKA: I post twitter and youtube links so I'm a professional) used her ultra feminist powers to spread that around the world.

JasonKCK1579d ago

Remember when Kotaku was a good place for gamers? I know it's kinda hard to remember back that far :P

gigoran1579d ago

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

donwel1579d ago

Apparently it's owned by gawker these days.
This was a brilliant article though, it just goes to show how reactionary games journalists have become, I remember when sites would post tongue in cheek articles and we'd all have a good chuckle at them..... I miss those days.

Majin Uchiha1579d ago

Agree with all except Number 1, i understood the complaints about what happened, but at the same time, obviously i don't think the folks over at irrational are racist. That's just the way there story happened to play out, So yea...

ogmaster1579d ago

You may not think that but there are people that are calling the whole studio, especially Ken Levine, racist.

JasonKCK1579d ago

Coming from a multiracial family I can kinda see both sides of the argument. It reminds me of Hollywood's portrayal of minorities in film. It's not meant to be racist but it kinda is.