Wii U’s Virtual Console, What A Sorry State You’re In

Nintendo has a storied history, full of great games. Why aren't these games on the Virtual Console, and why is Nintendo moving at such a glacial pace with what could be a huge boost to the Wii U?

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brewin1666d ago

I agree with this article in every sense and I am a fan of the Wii U. The VC is in a sad state right now because of all the reasons listed in this artilce. Nintendo definitely mis-read this market. They thought we wanted classic games released as if they were big releases. They thought tricling them out would make them sell better, but they were dead wrong there. I would much rather have them drop 5-10 a week or a bunch all at once at cheaper prices. NES games should be $2 max and SNES $4-$5 max. I would buy more of them and several at a time. One per week is lame.

manaxknight11666d ago

everytime i do buy a game from wii u eshop, i go to clubnintendo and fill out the survey. in the box that asks what could be done better on virtual console, i always put more freaking games IWATA!!

zalanis1666d ago

their e shop would be so great if they WOULD simply put gamecube games on the wiiu e shop and gba games on the 3ds one.

11eleven111666d ago

Agree in every way too. NES and SNES will not do the job. And the price must be lower. I am putting it on hold for now.

DC7771666d ago

Kind of disappointed they aren't all free tbh. Be a great bonus to market and we all know they can use all the help they can get.

If they would finish the library with GameCube they could market a console that would play all past Nintendo games free. I'm sure some people would jump on that. A free epic library and something the others can't offer.

The way it is now is rather insulting tbh. I'm not paying .01 for an almost 30 year old game. Free? Yes, thanks for the bonus of buying Nintendo.

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