The Glory Days Are Now

Is it even possible for Nintendo to regain their past greatness? It's not only possible, there are strong reasons to believe they already have.

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Metallox1665d ago

Bring back the red logo!

maniacmayhem1665d ago


Nintendo needs to channel their inner Super NES!

DryBoneKoopa851665d ago

Love this article! Nintendo needs to turn the Wii U into what the SNES was. Snes is my favorite console EVER. It had some of the most magical games ever created from first to third party.

I haven't seen this on N4G yet but this could possibly be a Star Fox leak for Wii U. Not saying it is until confirmation from Nintendo but just maybe.

SpiralTear1665d ago

As wonderful as a Star Fox game made by Platinum would be, that looks very fake. In fact, I believe it was debunked since the years were inaccurate.

But that's beside the point. Nintendo has so many franchises, most of them just sitting around. If Nintendo doesn't want to make games in those franchises themselves, let a company like Platinum or Next Level do it. They can make awesome games; they've proven it time and time again.

DryBoneKoopa851665d ago

@Postmesmeric: Yea didn't think it could be but you never know some times.

Yea I agree with you on the whole letting other developers take over on iconic classic franchises. There needs to be a New F-Zero, a New Star Fox, and a new Metroid, and a Earthbound wouldn't hurt lol.

I just have this crazy feeling that E3 is going to be off the hook with Nintendo gaming content. I think we will see Zelda U and Super Mario Galaxy 3 and other awesome franchises making a return. At least I hope they do lol.

maniacmayhem1665d ago

wow, I have said it time and time again that I wanted Platinum to make the next Starfox if Nintendo couldn't.

I hope it's not fake!

SNES is my all time favorite console too. Nothing brings back the love of arcade gaming and rpg's like that system.

DigitalHope1665d ago

I wouldn't say the glory days are back. Not by a mile. Nintendo's first party may be at a high level but they've only just started getting games to their current system. They had a year head start and just couldn't capitalize.

Third party support is non-existent when compared to the SNES & N64 days. The days in which Nintendo was relevant has long passed and they only have themselves to blame.

I would love to see Nintendo bounce back but I just don't see it happening.

BosSSyndrome1665d ago

Those points are true but the author said that while those were significant issues, he was only focusing on the topic of 1st party games.

Spore_7771665d ago

No, Nintendo is still relevant.

schlanz1665d ago

This was actually a very good read. The author does a good job addressing the various cynical and whiny attitudes many gamers have towards Nintendo, in a non-condescending way, no small task.

I disagree that this is their glory days, at least from a company standpoint given the state of Wii U adoption, though I agree their games have been top-flippin-notch as of late and the 3DS train does not appear to be slowing anytime in the near future. I hope they can figure out the console side of things, and maybe replicate the 3DS's fortunes to some degree.

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