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Shannon at Press Start Australia writes: "Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is the first game to fully utilise the next-gen hardware in my opinion. The game looks absolutely incredible on the PS4 and runs at an exceptional frame rate. The use of the PS4 specific features are gimmicky, but much appreciated. Anybody that didn't play the original are in for an absolute treat. I'd still recommend this to people who loved the original, but just be prepared that there isn't much extra for you to play through."

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TheSuperior 1699d ago

Great Review! I really want to play this game I am actually grateful that i didnt play it when it came out so that i can play it next gen now lol

diegoarlek1699d ago

Incredibly lucky! You'll definitely enjoy it more than anything else you've played recently.

TheSuperior 1699d ago

Im glad, not that what ive played recently hasnt been good but it hasnt been all that exciting which is what i am really looking for and there seems to be a lack of that at the moment for next gen. At least its coming and i have this to hold me over :)

Utalkin2me1699d ago

Yeah if you haven't played it yet, this would be the version to get for sure. But this review doesn't really compare it to last gen version, which is unfortunate.

TheSuperior 1699d ago

Thanks and I suppose your right. At least for me i dont have to compare it to last gen in my own head since i never got to see it lol Its going to be like a totally new experience for me :D

GribbleGrunger1699d ago

Nice review but I had to chuckle at this particular line:

"Whilst I didn’t play the Xbox One version, it has now been confirmed that the game runs at around 30FPS. This is most likely due to the fact that the Definitive Edition had two completely different developers."

TedCruzsTaint1699d ago

He forgot the part that follows "and the fact that one system has a significant performance boost over the other".

lifeisgamesok1699d ago

Both versions look absolutely the same. I'm getting tired of you guys hyping these PS4 versions when I go watch comparisons they look exactly alike :/

KonsoruMasuta1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

One runs at a lower frame rate. Videos aren't good for comparison, you have to see it for yourself.

webeblazing1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

they sound like pc elitist lmao. how times change when people use it for their own benefit, when pc gamers use it to state facts and not to belittle people.

ps3, xb360 looks good enuff. you cant really tell the difference in those videos. resolution doesnt really matter. you dont notice frame rates over 30fps. 30fps is the sweet spot it works for movie. people dont game on 1200p 1440 1600p 4k. 3d is a gimmick. nobody wants a VR handset its a gimmick it will fail.

its best to let people enjoy what they like. if they wanna stick to their hardware of choice let them, its not like they still have drm on their console. just saying a lot of what people say on the site start to look hypocritical

webeblazing1698d ago

i guessing the disagrees are from people that use these sayings before to make themselves feel better but now are saying how good they are. the main comment im seeing alot is that youtube dont show the quality of the game and that was one of the many thing pc gamers said last gen. how times have changed lol.

cityboy1001699d ago

I have both systems people are hyping ps4 versions and say they run at a higher frame rate and at 1080p. When I have played both on a 70" 3D 1080p 240hz HDTV I can honestly say there is little to no difference. Disagree all u want buts it's the truth. Not putting either system down but just had to tell people what I have seen. Still looking forward to infamous 2nd son and Titanfall, a real gamer here who loves games and not just one console.

KonsoruMasuta1699d ago

The difference is quite noticeable. One is more fluid than the other.

MxRBrobaFett1699d ago

Yea. One has way more fluids than the other duh

gobluesamg1699d ago

Why in the hell would you get it for both consoles dude!?!

kopicha1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Then i think you really need an eyesight check. This is not about tomb raider itself but games in general. There is a major difference in 30fps vs 60fps. It is something very noticeable. Even my friend who is a complete tech nerd can tell the differences when he see me play BF4 and KZSF single player on my 42" LED 3DTV without me telling him the difference. If you have such a big TV and yet you still cant differentiate it then i think you seriously have a problem especially for a "real gamer". So your truth is not true. Even reviewers across the board that have played both version also commented that the PS4 version is indeed smoother. So that is not what people is hyping but something that is factual. Besides it is quite hard to believe that you actually played both version of TR although I am not doubting that you own both consoles.

sweendog1698d ago

''Yea. One has way more fluids than the other duh''

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